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A Game of Dice

Sergey Oksanine

Before returning to Earth, the spaceship remains in orbit to be quarantined. 


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ISBN : 978-1-78830-976-9
Published : 29/07/2021
Pages : 105
Size : 205x140
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Sergey Oksanine

Sergey Oksanine is the pen name of Sergey Malakhov, Pierre-Mendès-France University Ph.D. in Applied Economics, the author of the original theory of the optimal consumption-leisure choice, which provides a proof for Adam Smith's Invisible Hand. As Sergey Oksanine, he published in Russian the play "Wake Up, Ares", and in French the play "The Messenger" and the detective story "The Audit of the Suicide Club". Using the Shakespearean Grammar, he also published "Hamlet: The Monologue on His Way From the Churchyard To The Castle", which filled the logical gap between the Scene 1 and Scene 2 in Act V of the original play.




About Book

Before returning to Earth, the spaceship remains in orbit to be quarantined. It is examined by the health team, which decides how long the crew will remain in orbit. But this time, a tourist spacecraft appeared in orbit, which had been absent for a hundred and fifty-six years. The usual remote copy of the ship's databases has been blocked. And it wasn't easy even to get up there. After the "wormhole" where the spaceship had fallen, the principle of optimality stabilized the life systems aboard. The appearance of a new living being, even an embryo, causes the death of another. And passengers begin to recover the lost physical conditions - appendicitis, virginity. Among the passengers is the author of the theory of optimality, who unknowingly creates a dramatic love triangle between himself, Miss Century of a bygone era, and the head of Health Team, the protagonist of this story.



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