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8 minutes 37 seconds

Craig Allan

Few punches are pulled in this revealing, often explosive account of one man's honest steps.


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ISBN : 978-1-78830-905-9
Published : 26/08/2021
Pages : 324
Size : 205x140
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Craig Allan

Ah, the bit where I give a page about... me. I'm from the little town of Andover in Hampshire and this is my first book of what I hope will be many more. I am an absolute rugby nut, whether it's watching it or still trying to play it through the aches and pains of entering my mid-thirties and an ever-expanding waistline! The rest of my spare time it's puzzles, cycling, camping and the great outdoors, but the thing I value most are the times I spend with my family and friends. So that's me, nothing else left to say other than enjoy the book, thank you.




About Book

Few punches are pulled in this revealing, often explosive account of one man's honest steps through diverse working environments and their murky sub-cultures. Each workplace, from roadside restaurant to bank, parcel depot and gardening carries its own tensions and conflicts, with a mobile aids factory coming under particular scrutiny. The exposure of exploitative practices from middle management and breath-taking sycophantic obedience at supervisor level should serve as a warning how any business can be corrupted. From clock-watching pettiness to ruthless creativity in introducing meaningless rules that ride roughshod over ordinary workers' needs and rights. The less than subtle affairs and compromised motives at managerial level and drug-fuelled sexual exploitation of vulnerable staff are laid bare in forthright manner. How can abuses at work be challenged? 8 Minutes 37 Seconds invites the typical working man or woman, or anyone with a conscience, to search deeply for answers.



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