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  • Fred 'n' Friends: A Canal Adventure

    Fred is back for his third adventure and this time he's joined by his adorable, fluffy friend, Alfie. Can they free the trapped ducklings? Will Daisy the Otter make it off the train tracks in time

  • Zero Tolerance

    Immigration, refugees, asylum seekers, flooding into the UK and controls that are not working. The Prime Minister, James Argyle, faced with mounting pressure at home. 

    Paperback | eBook
  • Fearless Warrior

    Nepal is an agriculturally orientated country producing jute and rice, and one other attribute... the Gurkha. These fearless and loyal soldiers who have remained a key element of the British Army are

    Paperback | eBook
  • Blood Warrior and the Three Weapons of Darkness

    Earth's strongest warrior is ready to stand up and embrace his destiny. Join Blood Warrior in his journey of bloodshed, sacrifice, heartbreak and pain.

    Paperback | eBook
  • Fragrance of Love

    The sixty ‘kurine’ poems included in “Fragrance of Love” cover a wide range of topics including love, life, society, spirituality, philosophy and many to delight the lovers of

    Paperback | eBook
  • A Small Price To Pay, Sir?

    Josh Tolson, younger son of Walter Tolson the car manufacturer, is talked into a risky enterprise by Jane, his ex-fiancé, just at the time when he's trying to track down Liz, his new love.

    Paperback | eBook
  • This is the Start of My Story

    Ray is an ordinary man in his mid-forties, leading an ordinary life with an ordinary family until extraordinary events thrust him into a world of turmoil, that threatens his family and the whole of ma

    Paperback | eBook
  • Know

     Do you know where the 1984 Olympia Games were held? - Do you know what the seven natural wonders of the world are?

    Paperback | eBook
  • Ruthless

    1964 - London  Dolly Vincent is born to an East End gangster but is sent away for her own protection. Mad Mick is hell bent on his revenge and will stop at nothing to kill her.

    Paperback | eBook
  • Collide

    This must be a dream after all. I pinch myself. "Ouch." Why the hell aren't I waking up?

    Paperback | eBook
  • E-Virus: The Diary Of A Modern Day Girl

    When the Bubonic Plague hit Europe, disaster struck, but at least civilisation pulled through. When the victims of the 1918 influenza epidemic died, at least they stayed dead.

    Paperback | eBook
  • What is Dementia?

    An insight into a common ailment in the human mind that unfortunately is misunderstood. Alzheimer's will undoubtedly cross our paths in some way be it family, friends or acquaintances.

    Paperback | eBook
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