Today it’s world relaxation day. Every day really should be relaxing, but everyone will always go through stressful times. Today isn’t about relaxing all day, it’s about teaching everyone tips and tricks in how to relax everyday.


So here’s some things you can do on a daily basis.





  • Take up an after-work activity such as Yoga, Tai Chi or Pilates – they focus on relaxing and breathing but also introduce exercise so you’ll stay fit as well.



  • If you enjoy listening to music at work or in the car, switch up Pop or Rock to some gentle and chilled out music. It helps to cleanse the mind and overall you’ll feel more relaxed.



  • Read whenever you can. Reading has been proven to help the mind to relax, so whenever you can, bring out the books!



  • Take up meditation. Even a few minutes a day can help. It’s been proven that daily meditation can make you more resistant to stress.



  • When you’re in stressful situations, take 5 minutes to arrange your thoughts - calm down, and you’ll find the situation far less stressful.



  • Surround yourself with positive people, good friends and family. But also give yourself time on your own.



  • We’ve published some books that take up the subject for relaxing – so here’s some books that may help.




Inward Bound - Mindfulness as an Executive Capability by Deepal Soori



This book offers a clear and succinct insight into the relevance of the ancient wisdoms of the East to the hard-hitting business world of today. Deepal Soori shows how self-awareness, mindfulness and knowing oneself from the inside out, can be central to the success of a businessman in the 21st Century. Using his own experience within corporate life he applies his own history of starting as a clerk and working his way up to Managing Director of a major insurance company and how the ancient teachings have given a central guideline to his work in business leadership.


The Real Secret to Happiness by Minakshi Sharma



The Real Secret to Happiness shows you how to transform any negative or self-destructive thought patterns, which many people often repeat, sometimes for a lifetime. So what creates happiness and how do we find it? In this book Minakshi Sharma has provided the building blocks for a repertoire of tips and techniques which anyone can use to facilitate change in their lives. By stopping to reflect on questions and working through the exercises, they can be integrated into a daily routine to create positive and happier outcomes. If you want a happier life, The Real Secret to Happiness will show you how you can attain this in your normal, everyday thinking and behaviour.



Towards Understanding Yourself by Amjad Saleem Ramzan



We all act and behave according to our knowledge, learning and experiences. It is also important to understand our inner-self. Knowledge of senses, perceptions, self-awareness, how our conscience is formed, how we set our moral values, why faith in the 'self' and in our creator is important. All this can help us have a better understanding of life and learn the true purpose of our existence. It is very important not to yield to passion and desires. The natural human weakness is for wealth, fame and glory but it is far more beneficial to acquire the correct knowledge to fully appreciate the wonderful gift of life and to achieve success in the life after, that lasts forever.




Have a relaxing day everyone!