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World Lion Day | Olympia Publishers

Today is #WorldLionDay. To celebrate these majestic creatures, here are some facts you may not have known about them! 





- Lions can sleep for up to 20 hours a day.


- Their roar can be heard up to 5 miles away.


- They live in prides of up to 15 lions.


- Baby lions are called ‘cubs’, ‘whelp’ and ‘lionet’.


- Lions run up to speeds of 81 km/h.


- Lions can live up to 12-16 years in the wild and 25 years in captivity.


- They don’t live in the jungle, they actually live on the Savannah plains.


- A good indication of a male lion’s age is the colour of their mane – the darker it is the older they are.





We released ‘Nila’s Adventures in London’ – starring a beautiful lion and following its adventures in our home city. If you would like a copy, e-book or audio book of Rosemond’s book, click here! 

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