Wednesday the 26th of September is Woman's Health and Fitness day, one of the largest annual health days for woman. We urge you all to check your local organisations to see what is going on in your area - as all over the UK places are holding non competitive events.


Here are five important things to check and work into your daily life inspired by woman’s health day!




Work in some exercise into your routine




You don’t have to necessarily start a gym membership. Walk when ever you can – parking at the back of the car park rather than the front is a good start, go to a local yoga class, or take up at home classes on YouTube. Just taking aside 10 minutes a day is a great place to begin!



Change up some of your unhealthy favourite for a few healthier options



Change up sugar for honey, white bread for brown even just switching to skimmed milk or a plant based milk is great.



Make sure you are up to date with your health checks.



Its very easy to cancel dentist appointments, forget about your monthly health catch up or not talking to your doctor about a few suspicious moles. Do not wait around for things to get worse!


Lastly, take care of your mental health and work towards goals!



A great way to kick-start this is to start being kinder to yourself, picking up some books that help you get into the right mind set such as The Real Secret to Happiness by Minakshi Sharma. 



We hope this helped! Have a positive day everyone!