Tales have been wagging this weekend about Laura Albee's most recent publication Witch Tale: A Bewitching Brew of Homophones. 



It has received not one, but two 5 star reviews! Well done Laura!


@rutuja_ramteke_  said on instagram 'I loved the writing, the rhyming and everything else was on point.'


Witch Tale: A Bewitching Brew of Homophones is a fantastical storyline that uses art and language to reinforce one of the primary canons of children's literature: homophones, and their use. Homophones are words that sound exactly the same, yet they have different meanings or spellings. This can be daunting for children of any age. Through the magical antics of two little witches, children will be both entertained and educated on their proper usage. Complimented by the beautiful illustrations of Valeria Leonova, this engaging tale is a must-have on any child's bookshelf. And, a marvelous resource for parents and teachers alike who are looking for ways to help a child learn!


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