Writing, we all do it, on a daily basis. But do we really need to? Times are changing and technology is becoming the forefront of almost everything, emails and typed up letters are becoming more and more popular, and as I sit here typing this up, I am thinking, if I didn’t use a computer to help me, I couldn’t share this with the world!

So, is writing really necessary? Shouldn’t everyone just type up what they want to write? Well, I for one am a sucker for a nice bit of calligraphy, I love to watch other people write in fancy ways (for a calligraphy reference, check out Seb Lester, amazing stuff!)



Well, here are five reasons why grabbing a pen and a bit of paper are actually super important.


1. It has a calming effect.

Jotting down sentences that have positive messages in, at least twenty times a day, do make a difference. It helps to calm you down and retrain your brain.


2. It inspires creativity.

It is a slower process than typing, therefore you have more time to think about it and develop a more creative thought process about what you write down.


3. It boosts cognitive skills.

Writing by hand is imperative to ensure a child improves in their cognitive skills. It requires concentration and children benefit more from writing letters and numbers than a child who looks at a screen and learns through technology.


4. It improves your memory.

Psychologists believe that writing information down by hand has a longer lasting effect on memory. Studies suggest children who hand-write have better memory retention.


5. It uses more of your brain.

By writing with paper and pen you use more of your brain. Your brain links the regions of reading when you write, but not when you type or text.


So there we go, all this technology is good for speed but we still need to write things down to make sure we keep our brains happy and healthy. So go write a letter, maybe even draw something, practice calligraphy, keep that brain active!