Most of us office job lot read all day every day, but it is normally less than interesting and not something we focus too much on. Get to home time, and you’ve read so much that day, that picking up a book and reading something else seems like way too much effort. You would rather zone out whilst watching TV, or maybe you just want to go straight to bed.


Well, is it so bad to not read? Do the readers have any one ups on the non-readers?


Well here are five reasons why picking up a book, (and let’s face it a couple of biscuits) is not such a bad idea!



1. Reading improves your memory.

When you read a book you have more time to think about what is happening and how the story line flows. This keeps your brain acitivity high and makes for a hgealthier brain



2. It improves your concentration.

For you all non-readers out there, you know that time you picked up a book and just put it straight down because you couldn’t focus, try again. It is hard to get fully sunk into a book, but once you do, you are immersed in the text and the story and the outside world ceases to exist whilst you continuing reading.



3. It improves your imagination.

eing able to create a world in your mind with the help of a book expands your knowledge and what you are capable of. When you watch a film or a television series, the writers have already made up how they want you to see the characters. That is why we love reading books before going to see films as the books just aren’t the same afterwards.



4. Reading does make you smarter!

People who read from a young age are found to be working at a higher level that the children who don’t read, or read little. This is why reading to your child and getting them to look at books from a young age is very important. It can help with vocabulary and, children who read, tend to start speaking earlier too!



5. It reduces stress.

 study showed that it only takes six minutes for a person’s heart rate to slow down and the tension in muscles to ease. If that isn’t brilliant, then we don’t know what is!



So there we have it. If you don’t consider yourself a big reader, then it’s never too late to start. Go and have fun finding a book or genre you love! (It’s 100% okay to re-read the book, more than once!)