We all have moments where we just want to be alone, cuddle up with a book and a cup of tea. But there are many more reasons why books are sometimes preferred, here’s some of ours! 


Books don't ask you for lifts to the pub.


Books do not judge you as you guzzle down your third slice of pizza and a large chocolate milkshake.


Books always say you don't you fat in that dress!


Books will never hog the duvet. 


Books actually teach you moral and life lessons that would otherwise take you years to figure out. 


Books aren't two faced and will always have your back. 


They never judge you on how you look as long as we never judge them by their cover. 


Books don't rustle their popcorn in the cinema. 


Your books are always awake and ready. 



And most importantly, books are consistently there for you when you need them most.