So, we’re getting closer and closer to having the new doctor announced and we all cannot help but speculate!


Everyone has got that one person that they wish would be the new main man on their TV screens. There has already been a lot of guess work going on.


It’s so hard to predict because usually doctors follow no chain. They have been un-known actors, little known actors and famous UK television stars that are already a house hold name. They have been young and old, grey and dark, emotional, angry and strange.


There have been past doctors who have already starred in doctor who and the same goes for the assistants. E.g. Peter was in an episode with David Tennant playing Caecilius in Pompeii, Martha was a episode with Cyber men while Rose was the assistant. So, we could be looking at someone who has already been in doctor who.


Anyway, here’s who we predict. We have ranked them in order of who we would most like to be the new time lord. Let us know if we have missed anyone!


13) Ben Whishaw



This is the most popular choice for the new doctor when you look at the online predictions and odds. We wouldn’t be unhappy with this as we have enjoyed him in what he has starred in. We first saw him in Perfume – with the wonderful Alan Rickman. A very strange film and a odd role. But he performed very well. Most recently he has starred in James Bond and we did love him in that. So… we shall see!


12) James Nesbit



Again, a good choice for the doctor. But we have just had someone with a very strong accent. Scottish twice and then Irish? Maybe it will work! Who knows!

He’s certainly a British gem and a good age. Will he be the next one? He’s no stranger to staying in TV for a long time, so we don’t think commitment would be a problem.


11) Kris Marshall



Another very popular one with the bookies! Kris Marshall, he hasn’t starred in anything huge but is a well known and well loved face in the UK. So, we would say he has a very strong chance. In fact, if we had to put our money on someone, it would be him. He’s charming and cheeky and has everything a doctor should be. Will It be him? Two days ago it was announced that he has just left ‘Death in Paradise’ is it because he’s filming for Doctor who…


10) Reece Shearsmith



Well, this one would be fabulous. We love almost everything that Shearsmith has done. We also know that most of his works have been on BBC; meaning they are very aware of him and must like him to keep giving him TV shows. He’s also a great actor and has played many different roles. From comedy to a sociopathic murderer.


9) Tilda Swinton



There are rumours that a female will be the next doctor! We’re not too sure it would work, but you never know until you try it! And we think if the next doctor is a woman, Tilda would be the perfect choice. We would love her to put on the doctors new heeled shoes!


8) Richard Ayoade



We’re not too sure if he would be the new doctor after signing up and starring in the new Crystal Maze. Also, a lot of the TV shows he has starred in have been on channel four – including his new one. Though, the mighty boosh was BBC three. Who knows! Oh, goodness wouldn’t he be amazing as a new wacky doctor though!


7) Aiden Gillen



Another Irish man. Not sure if he would take on the role of the doctor after making it big in Game of Thrones. But we LOVED him in Queer as Folk and other small roles. Would we love him as the doctor? Yes. A big plus with the eye candy. But will he be? Not too sure?


6) Hugh Lawrie



Now, this is a doctor we would watch. But, he’s already been a doctor in house. Despite being bigger in the US, he is still a big UK star. Best known for Blackadder! He does stand a big chance as he fits the bill. It’s whether or not he can clear his schedule.


5) Rupert Grint



Another famous red head in the running. This would certainly reel in the ratings that have been lost slightly since Peter’s turn. We know he would do it brilliantly. But, he is so well known for a character he’s played in the past. They rarely pick people who are well known for one particular role. We can hope. But, it’s unlikely.


4) Stephen Mangan



A cult classic in British TV. Perhaps best known for Green Wing. He’s been in countless TV and is a well loved star. He hasn’t really been doing a massive amount recently, so this certainly would be great. Also, we want a doctor with curly hair again! It’s been so long!


3) Martin Freeman



Okay, these next two are pushing the boat slightly. We’ve already seen John Watson, Sherlock’s sidekick. But since The Hobbit and Fargo, Martin has proven that he really can steal the show. We would have put Benedict on this list, but he’s too obvious and perfect for the role of the Doctor. Plus, like Martin, they’ve both made it HUGE in Hollywood. So, we may have to bury this wish.


2) Tom Hiddleston



If we could have anyone to watch on BBC as the doctor. He might be our top pick. The reason he’s not top of the list is, like Martin and Benedict, he’s so bloody famous.

It would perhaps be seen as a backwards step to play The Doctor, as we said, the doctor is not normally a huge star already, they’re made into stars.


1) Anthony Head



One can dream… but, he does stand a chance! Like Peter Capaldi, he was in a episode of Doctor Who, a very long time ago though (remember the giant bat-like teachers, he was the head teacher and boy, was he creepy.) He’s also performed in theatre – past doctors such as Smith and Tennant have been in plays. He’s very English and never really had a role for himself. He’s stolen the show in what he’s done. And, he’s in the running.

However, we would have thought he would have been chosen instead of Peter if they wanted him, so we’re not sure. But, for the love of Buffy. Let us have Giles again. Giles could totally be a time lord. 


Honourable mentions:



Nathan Fillion


Okay, so he’s American. But, in our opinion, he would be unbelievable as the doctor. Just watch him in Firefly and you’ll see what we mean.


Matt Smith


They have said that doctor can regenerate into previous forms and he has said that he really regretted giving that up.


Andrew Scott


Gosh he was insanely good as Moriarty. We’re not sure if we loved him because of his evil  nature and wacky ways. But, we would watch him as the doctor for sure.