It is very common to listen to music when reading, some decide to read in total silence, some prefer listening to just one genre at all times. We have worked very hard to match some famous songs to feelings we get when reading certain books. Next time you’re reading and you start to feel one of these emotions, pop one of these songs on and see how you feel, it may even increase the intensity of the emotions – it certainly has for us in the past.







Where is my mind – Pixies


We chose this one for the overall feeling of the song, as well as the appropriate title. The first time we heard this was when it was played at the end of Fight Club, a very confusing moment for everyone who watched it most likely, so it’s been used before in confusing moments. See what you think, or don’t think, or are trying to think? Do you get us? We don’t.






Exit Music – Radiohead


Radiohead do have a few cheery songs, but they are not known to be a happy go lucky band. There’s a sad tone to quite a few of their songs, beautiful of course, but sad. That is not knocking Radiohead as a band, they happen to be one of our favourites. This song really does have an air of sadness to it, and was most recently played in an episode of Black Mirror in a moment of utter loss and sadness. So, it certainly suits the tone.






Love is Blindness – Jack White


We could have just included the all-too-famous soundtrack to jaws. But rather than be predictable, we thought we would include this one. It’s a wonderful song, with a jaw dropping beat and vocals. The structure of the song is built so it could work well with moments of suspense. It’s a fantastic listen. You don’t even need to be reading, pop it on, you will not regret it. It was famously used in the sound track for The Great Gatsby.






They won’t go when I go – Stevie Wonder


Again – this is a beautiful song. But you cannot help but feel rather bleak when listening to it, and left with a mixed feeling of sadness and emotion. It was performed at Michael Jackson’s funeral by Stevie himself. Overall it is a beautiful song when in context with something, but in bleak moments also works.






Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen 


This song was actually voted the happiest song of all time by Thrill List.  Everyone knows it, everyone loves it. It’s quirky, happy and certainly adds to happy moments. We don’t have to mention one particular film it is used in as it’s been used in hundreds.







Space Oddity – David Bowie  


The beautiful introduction is light, airy and certainly delicate. It does grow to be louder and so on, but still keeps a delightful space tone to it. A great song for a delicate moment.






Let me hear you scream! – Ozzy Osborne


Is there a moment in the book you’re reading that makes you so angry you want to scream? Well, this song will help you along. It’s rocky, it’s loud and it is angry. A perfect tune for this emotion.






Sleep Forever – Portugal. The man


You’re going to want a gentle song for this mood. And the title speaks for itself here. A beauty of a chorus paired with a slow rhythm and no loud guitars, just what you’ll need for those quite moments.






Metal Guru – T. Rex


This is not exactly a funny song, there are no jokes in the lyrics or funny noises. But there’s a humorous tone to it. It’s jumpy and fun and would go very well with funny moments






21 guns – Green Day


It’s hard to find a song that sets the mood for irony. There are certainly songs that have a ironic message to them, but none that make you sit and think, yup, now I feel ironic. So, instead, here’s a great song, that is good to listen to no matter what mood you are in. And we get the feeling it would work well when played in an ironic situation.





Beast of Burden – The Rolling Stones.


For us, this song is the epitome of happiness. It INSTANTLY makes us happy when ever we hear it on the radio or if it comes on shuffle. How anyone could feel sad when listening to it baffles us. The beat, the rhythm, the lyrics. The ‘pretty pretty pretty pretty girls’ part. You have to love this song. If you need cheering up, pop this baby on and you’ll feel miles better afterwards.