We recently released Wake Up Fatty: A Philosophy of Fat by Donald N Sinclair.



Wake Up, Fatty is the informal and humorous look at the ‘life of fat' of Donald Sinclair. Don, having been a self-confessed fatty and having lost the weight and kept it off, has now become a self-confessed ‘smug b****rd' and has decided to commit his personal views and experiences to this book. Sharing his often cynical and sometimes possibly controversial views, his blunt perspectives on life from people to pensions, from religion to racism are related to his weight loss. With practical advice on what has worked for him, he hopes to inspire you to lose weight too (if indeed you need to) or at least have a laugh trying!


Inspired by Donald’s new book, we thought we would list 8 small, everyday changes you can make to make you healthier!




- Shop on a full stomach – Going shopping when you’re hungry will mean you’ll be more likely to spend money on food you don’t need, and usually craving end up in junk food and naughty treats.



- Drink your tea or coffee black - Cutting down on milk or cream is a small step in making your diet healthier. Black coffee is easy to get used to, and you could even introduce some healthy herbal teas while you’re at it!



- Speaking of hot drinks - Cutting out sugar or replacing it with a healthy sweet alternative such as honey or maple syrup is a good step.



- Park a few streets away from your destination - If you’re going to the shops, park at the back of the car park if it’s day time so you have a further distance to walk. That way you’re also squeezing in a bit of exercise.



- Eat a light breakfast - Starting your day of with a breakfast is a great start- but eating too much can also be a problem. A small bowl of cereal or porridge is a great start to the day that won’t leave you sluggish, but will also reduce hunger and give you energy.



- Having a sleep schedule will keep your body in motion and will keep you full of energy - It will also stop you from wanting a cat nap halfway through the day.



- Don’t eat until you’re extremely full - The Japanese are known for their great diets and metabolism – and they also say to eat until your two thirds full, which is a good way to keep your diet healthy and ease digestion.



- Change un-healthy foods with slightly healthier foods - For example: white bread to brown bread, chocolate bars to cereal bars and unhealthy crisp with rice cakes.




You can get yourself a copy of ‘Wake Up Fatty’ from Olympia Publishers website.