New author, Samuel Otten just received his box of complimentary copies, his children and the stars of his book were so excited, they got the first look. Take a look at their amazing reaction opening the box of books, here!

Missing Letters is not a typical alphabet book—it's a word game that teaches the importance of each letter by illustrating what happens when they're removed from words. The results are surprising as words and meaning are transformed. It can be dramatic as Will becomes ill and play becomes pay, or it can be funny when peaks become peas and banana becomes ‘baaa'. Lively illustrations and a diverse cast of characters accentuate the changes, helping children increase their phonemic awareness—the ability to hear sounds not only in the starts of words but also in the middle or end.

Missing Letters can also extend beyond the pages by thinking of your own words that change when you remove a letter. It's accessible to children of any age. Young pre-readers can focus on the missing sounds and compare the illustrations, while early readers can look at the spellings to spot the difference.