It’s been 25 years, we were really not expecting a third season. We even ignored Laura Palmer’s now obvious warning. Twin Peaks is back! 


They haven’t treated us with much ever since the news was announced. Just a few short trailers with Cooper’s expressionless face, the old music and then one short video of David Lynch, in character, eating a doughnut. But, sometimes showing less is what makes you even more intrigued and that is certainly the case here, they’re leaving no room for spoilers.



Now, we know that David Lynch is going to be directing, also that he has shot the TV show as if it were a movie rather than many eppisodes.


Twin Peaks is famously broad, leaving a lot to interpretation. The reason why we all love it and want more, is because it’s taken us nearly a quarter of a century to work through the riddles in the past seasons.



Lynch has hinted that the third season circles around Laura’s last week alive, just as the film did. But, unlike the film and TV show, some scenes will take place outside the town of Twin Peaks.


Almost every member of the original cast is back, so it seems their deaths or assumed deaths, haven’t stopped that from happening. The only members who are not returning are those that really have died in reality, excusing a few others such as Heather Graham.


"Every viewer is going to get a different thing. That's the thing about painting, photography, cinema".   David Lynch


A date for the premiere has finally been announced! May 21st – that’s less than 2 weeks away! You can watch it on Show Time, or the next day on Sky Atlantic, in the UK.


Is Dale cursed to live out his life as the maliciously evil Bob? How IS Annie? And most importantly, are we ever going to meet Diane?