Everyone loves a good laugh, especially when reading! So, who better to write humourous books than comedians?

It turns out, there are an awful lot of comedians who have done just that. So we have narrowed down the list to our Top 10 books by comedians.



Paul O’ Grady | At my Mother’s Knee | 2009

A biography of the early years of Paul’s life growing up in Liverpool. A very honest but hilarious account of his childhood and growing up in poverty. It’s wacky, it’s witty and there are some real… characters, shall we say?





Nick Offerman – Paddle your own Canoe | 2013

You may recognise Nick from Parks and Recreation, playing Ron. Well, he’s now writing books. Some dazzling tales and funny antidotes. It’s sort of autobiographical, but certainly entertaining. A hilarious mid-life crisis book by a very funny man.





David Cross | I drink for a reason | 2009

Star of the hit US TV comedy, Arrested and Development, has also written a number of books; his most famous being this one. A fantastically funny book that is like a written stand up show, dealing with all the prejudice in society in a hilarious way – not for everyone, but tongue in cheek fans will love it!





Bill Bailey | Remarkable guide to British Birds | 2016

Oh, Bill. Starring in Black Books and Never Mind the Buzzcocks, we adore Mr. Bailey. And, now a bird book? It’s brilliant. Complete with hand-drawn dreams and a journal-like look. It’s alarmingly funny and actually quite informative. Only Bill could make bird watching entertaining.





Craig Ferguson | American on Purpose | 2009

We know him as the host of The Late, Late Show and we love him, so it was only natural to love this Scottish biography. There are serious notes, Ferguson’s path of life hit some rough curbs such as alcoholism, it’s deep and shows his rock ‘n’ roll attempt as well as his unsuccessful love life. But overall, it’s his own take of the not-so-stereotypical American dream.





Ricky Gervais | Flanimals | 2004

Illustrated by the fantastic Rob Steen, Ricky Gervais puts his wild imagination onto paper with his encyclopaedia style book of weird, seemingly useless and just plain odd creatures. Aimed at children but we still love it.






Russell Brand | My Booky Wook | 2007

Russell’s first autobiography and it’s not for the faint hearted. It’s full of debauchery and it shows the climb to fame and the price he paid for his, shall we say… naughty life style? Since then, he has released 4 other books, a children’s, another autobiography, collections of articles and political ideas. 





Woody Allen | Without Feathers | 1975

Just like Woody, this book is ridiculous, but also genius. It puts the saying ‘laugh out loud’ to good use. It’s set out in an odd way, being a bunch of essays. This book is just Woody Allen in a nut shell. Your sides will ache the entire time, we promise.






George Carlin | Last Words | 2009

Some argue that George Carlin is one of the greatest comedians of all time. He also happened to be a great author. 6 Books in total to name them. His latest and last book released was called ‘Last Words’ telling the entire story of his life, his first breath until his last. It was released after Carlin died and just reminded us how much we adore him.



“Don’t sweat on the petty things and don’t pet the sweaty things”







Stephen Fry | The Fry Chronicles | 2010

The comedy king of books. Not only did he famously narrate all of the Harry Potter books, he also wrote a lot! 10 authored by him and 2 that he contributed to. How he has time to present QI, narrate video games, act, star in plays, talk regularly on the radio, make documentaries and write… we do not know. The books are all fantastic works, epistolary novels, historic fiction, thrillers, poetry and autobiographies.
Our favourite being, The Fry Chronicles. It’s brutally honest, intelligent and free of bad mouthing. A brilliant read, as are all of his books.