This week marks Mental Health Awareness Week, a chance to take a break and reflect on our mental wellbeing. There are many methods to go about improving and maintaining your mental state and we at Olympia Publishers would like to recommend these three titles:


Dying to be Heard - Joanne Lawrence


We are seldom so alone than when a loved one dies or faces death, and that's when the end comes in the expected ways, never mind as suicide or Covid-19.


Joanne Lawrence has written a personal and touching guide to her path through grief, opening readers up to the realisation that everyone has dealt with this tragedy and everybody has been forced to deal with its consequences.


“Grief is such an unspoken word and we need to raise awareness around this subject.” 


Available in paperback now.

Licanosh - Janet Gorry


Janet had one dream - a holiday home in the sun like you might see on TV, her own retreat and paradise. In a spur-of-the-moment decision, she takes a chance on a holiday home in Bulgaria… and that's when her adventure begins.


This story has a beautiful backstory: author Janet Gorry wrote her low-stakes adventure book to celebrate her close friend who was diagnosed with dementia at a young age. “I wanted to write a story about all of the wonderful times we had together, for when her memories fade away.”


This is a fun story with a heartfelt history and aims to combat the real world effect of dementia.


Available in paperback now.

Advice from a Guy who Got it Wrong the First Time - Gregory Skolimowski


With humour and humility, this book weaves a narrative of resilience, urging readers to learn from missteps and embrace the journey of continual self-improvement.


In a world of many distractions and endless opportunities, Gregory Skolimowski strives to candidly explore life’s twists and turns and open up on the hard-earned lessons he has faced. There is practical advice concerning financial empowerment and smart investing as well as emotional advice concerning resilience and personal growth.


“Critical thinking is a thing of the past, I just want to help revive it.”


Pre-order is available now - due for release 30th May.



This year’s Mental Health Awareness Week is focused on moving to improve your mental health. The campaign #MovingforMovement is raising funds to help medical practices and aims to continue building a society where mental health is openly and regularly discussed. You can find further information here: