Summer is here and we are more than excited to take our vacation alongside a riveting new read. You don’t want a book too thick (you need to save baggage space) but you don’t want a book too thin (you need something to last the plane trip) so finding the perfect book is a necessity above all else.


With the summer sun in mind, we have these three recommendations:




A Highly Improbable Meet Cute – Haley Klinge


It's the end of summer break, but with ends come new beginnings. A new school, new students, and a new you, or at least that's what Ella Jacobs is hoping for. What better way to celebrate a fresh start than with her best friend, who is currently suffering from a fresh start she didn't ask for as well, on the beach, getting drunk on margaritas, and reading their coveted smut novels.


When Ella gets between a hot nerd and his frisbee on the beach, the vacation takes a turn for the smutty, that is, until their steamy night gets interrupted. Ella can't stop thinking about what would've happened if they hadn't been interrupted but chalks it up to a fond memory she'll have from her last night in Jamaica.


When she starts her first teacher prep day as the eighth grade Social Studies teacher for Valley Creek Middle School, she's ready to put the past behind her. That is, until she meets the Chemistry teacher across the hall, the same hot nerd, Liam, that she met on vacation.


After everything she went through at her last school, she swore she would never date a colleague, but when fate, and the school principal, keep intervening, will she be able to resist finishing what they started?


This sizzling romance from Haley Klinge is hot-to-the-touch, perfectly encapsulating the sweltering heat of a summer romance, and therefore perfect reading whilst on your own summer vacation – let’s just hope your return home isn’t as tricky as Emma’s.


Available in paperback and eBook format.





Blood, With A Drop of Sherry – T. S. Marni


The evening wasn't a starry night, as it ought to be in May. Instead, the sky was blanketed with a thin cloud and an incessant drizzle, dampening any joy that lingering guests harboured from the lawn party that day. 


But not, of course, for the usual diehards, who would never let a wee drizzle and a chilly breeze stop any jollity, except.... something did.... leaving the residents of this quiet town, seven thousand feet above the sea, unravelling the mystery of a perplexing death.


Thought up while author T. S. Marni was on holiday herself, this is a mystery thriller you’ll find hard to put down. At just over 200-pages, this gripping chase to catch the killer can be read cover to cover whilst travelling to and from your holiday destination.


Available in paperback and eBook format.




Fire and Stone – Pat Daniel


A chance encounter has given, supposed orphan, Ellie Black, a twin brother. Their legacy of supernatural powers was used by Alistair to bind his new sister to him, but it all backfired. Ellie vowed to set straight his 'less than honest' dealings and had become embroiled with a Special Police Task Force.


Juggling a disgruntled fiancé, international travel, a difficult brother, whilst enjoying a jet set life and privileges was a whole new world for her. On the trail again of a stolen manuscript she encounters nuns with guns, counterfeit money, and female slave trafficking.


Can she stand the pace and be moulded into a useful member of the team?


A grand adventure awaits as Pat Daniel’s tale takes readers jet setting across the world, facing danger head on. This is a sequel to 2021’s Blood and Water but can be enjoyed by new readers looking for a rollicking summertime read filled with magic, crime and escapades.


Available in paperback.




Even if you’re not off to a tropical beach or exploring on a weekend city break, these three books are excellent wherever you can enjoy the sun!