Many people’s resolution this year has been to read more books or even write one. To help support many people's goals we have some recommendations for things to help!




A Book Journal



A sweet journal that has a great deal of room to write down your favourite books and what you think of them. It even has a section to list books you have lent out or borrowed!


Really Tiny Book Light - Mint 


Sometimes we like to read late at night and not keep our partners awake, or just have a little light to eventually wind down. These little lights are great tools for lighting up the book nicely without having to have a main light on.


Wooden Book Page Holder 


A very trendy little tool at the moment. You hold these little devices with your thumb and it holds the book open for you!


Bamboo Book Stand 



Perfect for those that love cooking at home! Keeping your book upright so you can easily view it when cooking.