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The Scariest Books of All Time

So it’s Valentine’s Day today! We’re sure your news feeds are all flooded with posts about romantic spots to visit, the wonderful, expensive gifts everyone received and how many times one couple can say I love you in a status.


To break the mould, we thought we go the opposite way! And do a post about something that isn’t romantic in the slightest (unless you count Dracula as a twisted love story… I suppose some would).


We all love a good ghost story. As an adult it's hard to find one that keeps you awake at night, door open, lights on, knitting needle under the pillow (yes we really are that boring). Some managed to get us into that state. So we decided to share them with you!


Beware! We have warned you. You may want to sleep with the night light on tonight if you read any of these.  



The Shinning – Stephen King


The classic. We advise to do as Joey from friends did. The freezer door is open. 


Dracula - Bram Stoker 


This isn't Twilight, or True Blood. This, my friends, is true evil. Vampires aren't supposed to be sexy – they're wonderfully hideous. 


The Exorcist - William Peter Blatty


Okay, we all know the film had people running out the cinema, but the book is equally as scary, if not more. The imagination can be terrifying. 


American Psycho – Bret Eastern Ellis


This wasn't an alien, zombie, vampire or ghost. This is horrific because it's just a normal guy who lives a far from normal lifestyle. Murderous and obsessive. Amazing. 


Which one do you find the scariest? Or have we missed out the one you found terrifying! 




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