Last year we released The Rainbow Dragon written by Andy Martin.


The book centres around Rainbow, a young dragon finding it hard to control her fire. Can a mysterious old dragon help her to find a way? Throughout the story there is a clear message, showing it's important to tell people how we are feeling inside. Our feelings are things we should never ever hide!


After reading Andy Martin’s fantastic book, we thought back to some of the other dragons in fiction we have adored or love to hate. Here’s a few of our favourites! 





Smaug from The Hobbit



This one is one of the first and most obvious, for us anyway. We grew up with The Lord of the Rings books so we imagined Smaug for years, then when the movie for The Hobbit was released, we had what we imagined bought to life. And it was just as we imagined. Some of the dragons on this list are misunderstood or kind souls. This is the biggest exception. Smaug was one nasty dragon.




Falkor from The NeverEnding Story



If you haven't seen The NeverEnding Story where have you been? Falkor was our favourite character out of the entire film. Known as the 'luck dragon', he was a huge 43 foot long , fluffy and wise dragon. The kind of dragon you want as a pet, though I’m pretty sure you'd be more likely to be his pet. Falkor is a gentle hero in this story, removing the bad name dragons generally have.




Norbert(a) from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone



We had quite a few dragons to choose from. Chinese Firebolt, Hungarian Horntail, Swedish Shortsnought and Irish Green. Some were nasty, huge, fiery creatures - as they traditionally, then you had the baby dragon. Norbert, or now Norberta apparently? This little dragon was Hagrid's pet, given to him by a stranger he met in the pub… who we now know was the awfully kind Voldemort, we’re sure he had no motive there… Norbert(a) made dragons cute. And we did shed a tear for dear Hagrid when he had to go, but we know he went onto better things with Charlie Weasley, where he could play with other dragons too!




Blue-Eyes White Dragon from Yu-Gi-Oh!



You may or may not remember this one. If you are a 90’s kid, you’ll likely remember this one. Yugioh was the new Pokemon, and what came with it was a TV show and playing card games every lunch break. And you could bet your bottom dollar, who ever you played would have this card. Legendary for its power, it was rare in the TV show, but very common to have in real life. Despite this, the chill we felt when it was brought to the field in a duel match… shivers




Puff from Puff from Puff the Magic Dragon 



There is much debate with the song ‘puff the magic dragon’ but we’re just going to assume it’s about a magic dragon and not ruin our childhoods. Now Puff is the real hero. His aim is to help those who feel scared, self conscious and full of self-doubt and make them into strong characters, and he does just that! Wasn’t he a sweetie?



Grab yourself a copy of The Rainbow Dragon, HERE!