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The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need | Review

Reviewing books has been a passion of ours for a while and usually, it is very straight forward, read a book, talk on plot, quality of how it is written and how much you enjoyed it. We have reviewed so many fiction books and cookbooks we thought it was time to change it up a little with something out of our comfort zone... queue: The Only Astrology Book You Will Ever Need.


Firstly, 10 points for such a brilliant title. After reading I can confirm that is quite true. Also, it may be worth to note my view on astrology – which is sceptic, leaning more to- I find it incredibly interesting but take it with a pinch of salt.


The first thing one does when opening an astrology book is to jump to your star sign – tricksie for the few of us who were unlucky enough to be born in a cusp.


“What’s your star sign?”


“Well, I’m cancer, but kind of Gemini too, though we feel we have more in common with Cancer I also have notes of a Gem...”


That always goes down well.


That being said, this book did put me in the category of a Cancer. I read both Gemini and Cancer’s qualities, characteristics, emotions and so on. And I have to admit, Cancer was the one. I don’t want to be stereotypical, but I was reading it while mouthing to myself “oh gosh, that is SO me”... Gemini, I just had a raised eyebrow. So, on behalf of all people born on the 21st of a month, thank you for making us feel like we had one sign to look to.


I read a few of the signs to my colleagues upstairs and we found the same, we knew the basics of what it was explaining, but found some really interesting new qualities that were pretty uncanny for some of us. We liked the attention to detail with a dominant keyword and how other’s see you. They even named some celebrities with the same star sign.





Next up, we delved further.


Amorous natures of signs – honing in on love, relationships, how to attract one and compatibilities between signs.

Next, I am glad they included this – The Decanates and Cusps of signs. I knew what a cusp was, technically being in one myself, Decanates, not the foggiest. They firstly explain the meaning of the two (decanates is 3 parts of a sign, gives you a more refined look to who you are) and then tell you yours along with a definition of a cusp (quite self-explanatory, if you're towards the start or end of the cut off points for a sign) and how they differ.


Moving onto heath – this is where I almost didn’t want to read on. I go by the sometimes-detrimental philosophy of- I would rather not know. Well, I did for the good of the review. Am I glad I did? Yes. In a way. It did say all Cancer’s will over-indulge in alcohol and I am teetotal, perhaps that is why? But a lot of the rest for food, general health problem and so on rang true. We liked the attention to detail but wasn’t sure of some of what was said.


Part two is ‘lesser-known influences’ – this includes moon signs (emotion), ascendant or rising sign (outer demeanour), planets and their influence; Interesting as most people see astrology as just star signs and horoscopes when there is so much more to it. Your moon and rising sign can impact everything. The planets were also interesting, though admittedly complicated. We loved the way it is presented so it is clear and concise, we just find the concept confusing.






Part 3 is the houses of astrology, another part we were very unaware of. They detail how life is split into categories, 12 – just like there are 12 signs. Within these houses are money, self, health home and so on; each house is also ruled by a sign. E.g. Cancer is the natural ruler of the home, Virgo – service, etc. It’s fair to say this book goes into a lot of detail, perhaps not for the first timer or someone who has just found astrology, but for experts or want-to-be experts or those that want more than just knowing the basics of a star sign, you couldn’t get a better description. Birth charts are next, which describes how your signs are worked out, again very interesting with some good charts and graphs, we do love a good graph.


Part 10, is for those that want to go deep into birth charts, again, not for the light-hearted reader, this is very detailed stuff, wonderfully done, but may not be for everyone.


The Story of Astrology is part 11, a bit of a history lesson, showing where we got to where we are now with astrology. For example, we didn’t know that it all began in Babylonian times, officially, although it seems the human race has always had an interest in the stars, planets and how they affect us and make us. Egyptians were the first to explain one's character based on your date of birth and we can’t believe we never realised the similarities between the sky gods of ancient Egypt and our astrological signs: Bull = Taurus, The Lion = Leo, Maiden = Virgo and He Who Draws a Bow = Sagittarius the Archer. Crazy stuff.


Later we look into the legend behind each sign, a very expected but welcomed part! We also learned of the age of signs. E.g. Leo’s age was 10,000 BC to 8000 BC and we are in the age of Aquarius currently!





For anyone who didn’t understand terms used before a very handy Lexicon is included describing exactly what was meant when describing certain terms. And then for those curious of what their signs are, a wonderful sun and moon chart (along with Venus, Mars and so on) is close to the back, absolutely brilliant and very in-depth! Then you have a fabulous index and, hey presto, it’s fini!


Overall, fascinating book. If you’re looking to see what astrology is about, the roots, meaning behind everything and stick to the researched way of reading charts and signs, this is most definitely the book for you. Also, we would note that this book would be fantastic for anyone wanting to start off teaching Astrology, who works in the spiritual industry or just finds it as fascinating as we do.


Overall, we really couldn’t have asked for more in an astrology book, going back again to the name because it hits the nail on the head. It is the only astrology book you will ever need.


Thank you to Rowman & Littlefield International for kindly sending us a review copy in exchange for an honest review.


Get yourself your copy, here!

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