Outi Pickering has just released her second book in her Healthscare Library series, The Library Always Wins the sequel to Two Point Five Cheers for the Library.


This novel gives a closer look into some characters' home lives as well as their professional activities. Thanks to the short chapters, the book makes particularly suitable reading if you're a busy parent, a commuter, or recuperating from an illness - but you'll be reluctant to put it down!



After reading we couldn’t help but want to visit some of the libraries we’ve perhaps neglected in our home town, but we were quick to realise, there are some gorgeous libraries to visit in the world! Our home town may have to hold on.

Here’s some of the most stunning libraries in the world!




Clementinum, Prague



Set in the huge Clementinum complex, the Baroque Library Hall is known for its stunning and rare shining globes and beautiful art pieces. It is said that when they (the Jesuits) began building the library they only had one book, but by the time they were finished they had 20,000.  



Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.



One of the most well known libraries by name, The Library of Congress has been rebuilt since its fire in the 19th century and is better than ever. Boasting a huge collection of books, scrolls, and old fashioned torches – the library holds many features such as classic music concerts, one of the 42 Gutenberg Bibles and regular visiting hours.



Trinity College Old Library, Dublin



Marvel at all the marble in this beautiful library. Stunning busts of Aristoltle, Plato, William Shakespeare and many more! Founded by Queen Elizabeth I in the late 16th century, the most famous thing to view is the Book of Kells, another religious manuscript, full of detail and containing the four gospels of the New Testament.



Coimbra Library, University of Coimbra–Alta and Sofia, Portugal



Also known as the Biblioteca Joanina. This beautiful 18th century wooden extravaganza contains fabulous carvings, gilded walls and ceiling art to die for. The bookshelves are made of the finest dark, lacquered wood, complete with Chinese decorative images. It even has its very own jail for naughty students... gulp. This is certainly a library with character.




So there you have it, some of the most stunning libraries known to man! Which one do you want to visit first? And on your way, why not start one of Outi’s wonderful library books, you won’t regret it! Check out her collection, here!