We recently received a wonderful review from Chris Moore for the five-star rated, The Last Myon by Rudi Jennings. Have a look at their more in-depth review, below!



Be prepared to be transported to a land where the imagination roams free; where nothing is quite what it should be or purports to be. This is a story expressed with feverish imagination and convoluted angst, whereby parameters that exist between the seen and the unseen are deconstructed into a tale of latent aggression and unfulfilled promises.

Rudi Jennings presents to the reader an account of the darkest regions of human emotion: apathy, compassion and realisation: all are here within the confines of a particularly obtuse world where the soul is allowed to soar without restriction, and the dread of fear is almost indefinable or unexplainable.

This is an account of a surreal existence, developed and perpetuated with an incredible gallery of characters who, by definition, appear ripe for mis-interpretation. Within a world of confinement, emotions and expressions of the reality of existence burst forth with an ambiguity that is intoxicating as well as bewildering, in equal measure.

The characters, so beautifully brought to life by the author, reek of contradiction, malevolence and downright insecurity. The reader becomes drawn in by the scenario: a desperate alternative to the possibilities of truth and denial, with no judgement even visible on the articulations of the tale.

This is a book in the bath read. A tale of kaleidoscopic proportions   A story to be ingested with the foresight of an enlightened imagination. Bubbles will guide you to the nether regions of place where reality and juxtaposition collide with excruciating menace.  But, in the end, of course, your bath will be drained and you will be cold, requiring the comfort of a towel which you will wrap around in a shaded, yet vital, element of doubt. You will be intrigued.

Provided, of course that your mind is open to an uncanny existence, where no one soul is wrong, and no one person is ever right.

Rudi Jennings treads the path of complicity with treasured steps of anticipation. It is up to the reader to follow a respectable distance behind.

By Chris Moore – Radio Presenter    


Thank you Chris, for your honest review. If you would like to get your hands on a copy of Rudi's book, click here!