LGBTQ+ Literature has been written about and shared for thousands of years, most recognisably in Mythology and Poetry from Ancient Greece, and continues to be shared today. LGBT texts serve to educate, normalise and to be enjoyed and offers representation to a minority that has so often been shunned and criminalised. Most LGBT writings have since been destroyed, banned or long forgotten due to enforced gender and sexuality roles given by the West, however, LGBT Authors, poets and novels continue to thrive.


Even now, members of the LGBT Community face backlash with abuse, de-representation, jail time and even murder for the act of existing. Reading has forever provided an escape from reality, companionship and introduced concepts otherwise unthought of to closed off minds or those struggling with self-identification.


With the current media market being swamped by heteronormative stories, what is desperately needed is expressions of LGBT life and love. Similar to how everyone introducing themselves with their pronouns help normalise it for Trans individuals, or calling your boy/girlfriend your partner supports non-gendered language, having more LGBTQ+ representation in books will help regularise all of the LGBT Community, spurring on change and acceptance.


Over the month of June, we encourage others to support their local LGBTQ+ Community by frequenting their stores, purchasing their books and sharing their stories. Below we have a list of books written by, or including queer themes.


Tail of Two Squirrels Part 1 – Falling for You (YA)


Natalie Hopkins


An anthropomorphic WLW (women love women) love story between two squirrels from two very different worlds. It starts when one of the squirrels falls out of the sky right into the other’s tree. From there they get to know each other, flirt, then begin to have adventures and dates while overcoming discrimination.             

With gripping adventure, an emotional storyline and more than a little humour sprinkled in, this story is wonderful for teens!


These Kids Today (Older Readers)


PJ O’Driscoll


An MLM (men love men) crime thriller, These Kids Today is the story of New York college sophomore. After his teen years were splashed across national newspapers and television chat shows when his mother viciously murdered his father and family, he has finally put his life in order, met someone special, and living his College life. Until a stalker turns up, or is it someone from his past..?                                   

Thrilling, suspenseful and a real page turner, this book has it all, including a second instalment! Perfect for older readers who like things a little darker.


A Map of Scars (Older Readers)


Moyra Sammut


A historical WLW tale following a young woman who went to England and joined the WAAFS.  She finds herself on a path to self-discovery at the brink of WWII; a journey that takes her across the Mediterranean to the White Cliffs of Dover. Will her dream to join the war effort cost her everything? Will she ever find the true love she seeks among the machinations of war?                                                                                      
Older fans of War novels and those yearning for a Woman-lead view on the typically male-dominated image of the Second World War will love this novel.

Of Early Mornings (YA+)


Charles M Ross


A collection of poems written by a young man going through the toughest times of his life. Spanning mental health, finding your place in the world, gay love and heartbreak, there will be a poem for any emotion you could feel. The poet wants kids to read his work and feel heard and understood, knowing that they are not alone and that there are others like them.


Toy Soldiers (YA+)


Amy Tollyfield


A compelling collection of poetry written covering a broad spectrum of emotions and feelings, friendship and female empowerment, passion and loss. Written from a WLW perspective, the emotive portrayal of lesbian love touches subjects that many have felt but do not share.