This month, we're preparing to release The Cave and Other Stories by Rosemary Huntley. Rather than talking about physical caves, Janice's experience of caving is a warning to all.


The group really should have missed her before the lights went out, but who will realise she's not there? What do you do with a psychic partner who won't let go? Who knows - and feels - every single thing about you? Can you escape? A boring party, an old friend - you know everything about each other. Or do you? If you don't - well, the party isn't boring at all. Is your child who you think they are? Or quite the opposite? How do you react when they tell you so? Can you still love them? Teen angst to transgenderism, mild annoyance to murder, all those details that go unnoticed can change life. Rosemary Huntley's charming collection of short stories, with a twist in every tale, will give the reader pause for thought. How ordinary is your own life, really?


So, The Cave and Other Stories isn’t technically about caves, but it got us on the subjects of caves. Here are some of the most beautiful caves in the world! Look out for Rosemary's book, out on the 29th of March! 



Fingal's Cave





Marble Caves




Algar de Benagil





Batu Caves





Cave of the Crystals





Hang Sơn Đoòng      




If you’re interested in seeing more information about Rosemary and her new book, look here!