Easter can mean celebration, it can mean a long weekend for the non-religious folk, but most importantly it means chocolate eggs. There's lots of things we get excited about, one of the top being chocolatey treats. So, we thought we'd name a few of our favouites we've seen this year! 



Moser Roth Single Origin Easter Egg - £4.99  

For a budget Easter Egg, this one takes the crown. Patterned to look like some kind of glossy dinosaur egg! But, if you like dinosaurs, you have to try the…



Milk Chocolate Dinosaur Studded Egg - £10.95  

One for the children… and honestly, I would be pleasantly surprised to find this one in an egg hunt.
This egg has fossilised inside, so you can eat and learn!



Brownie Hard-Boiled Easter Egg - £15

Well, this one may possible be our favourite when we think of taste alone. Two of our favourite things, brownies and Easter eggs, it’s the ultimate combination.



Artisan Milk Chocolate Easter Egg - £40 

Harrods cheaper option, unless you’re happy to send a measly £300 on an Easter Egg. It looks beautiful and we’re sure it tastes just as good.



Dark Chocolate Avocado Egg - £49.50 

Awards for creativity goes to this one. First we thought this whole avocado trend had overstepped the line, but thankfully, it just looks like an avocado. And, it’s mostly dark chocolate, our favourite!




Cherry Hill Chocolates – Various Prices


And a very honourable mention to Cherry Hill Chocolates. 


A small independent chocolate shop in one of the building that connects to the famous Ely Cathedral. 


Not only is it a beautiful shop, from its high stone walls, arches and delightful décor, but it’s the contents of the shop we’ve always been fascinated by.


Not only can you expect to leave Cherry Hill Chocolates with a bag full of treats and a perfect Easter gift, but you’ll always be walking away with a smile on your face from those who work there. Now, I wouldn’t call myself an expert on the subject of chocolate, but having eaten it extensively for the past 21 years, I’d like to think I know a little about this delightful food, but really, compared to the lovely ladies there, it’s almost as if I’ve never eaten chocolate before – the proof is in the pudding (no pun intended) as the brains behind the bonbons, Angie Dryden was awarded Retailer of the Year at the 2014 East Cambridgeshire Business Awards.


Their shining cabinets are filled with the finest Belgian chocolates, and proudly stock delights from Jack's Gelato of Cambridge. 

They also have sugar free chocolates for those customers who can’t stuff their chops with the sugary goodness.


Now, for their Easter eggs. There’s a lot. Not only can you purchase already beautiful eggs – head to toe in decoration. But you can create your own! Which is just what we did. Stuffing an egg with all of our favourite truffles and chocolates. We have a feeling we’re going to be very popular with the family this Easter holiday! If you’re in the area you simply must pop in. You will not regret it.