Dystopian novels are making a huge come back in the popular media! I mean, we may have always loved them. But thanks to the likes of TV, everyone is aware of them now. As so many are finally reaching the limelight, so it felt like a good time to talk about our favourites!

So, here’s 6 Dystopian novels you need to read.



The Handmaid’s Tale



This novel has recently come to light again since the TV show was aired this year. Bringing an entirely new collection of fan to the mass.


The original novel is set in a new future world, similar to ours, only a very different way of life. A fundamentalist Christian mind-set, run by a toleration government. Women here have very little rights – even banned from reading. The gap between social classes is bigger than we have ever known it to be. Human rights are almost unheard of too.


Many women are kept for reproductive uses as most of the ‘high class’ women cannot have children due to STDs and pollution. We see both sides of Ofred’s (the main character) life; both before and after the revolution.


The entire book is haunting, especially for a women reading it. Some of the things they are put through is unimaginable. Overall it’s a story of empowerment and independence for women. We highly recommend reading this one.




The Time Machine



Author, H. G. Wells, is known as ‘the father of science fiction’ for a reason. We could have included War of the Worlds on our list too, but this is more of a dystopian genre.


This particular book was once again made very famous from a film, the radio and very recently, a remake (which is awful, we recommend watching and reading the originals.)


It tells the story of a man who’s invented a time machine. And we see him go forward in time. He sees war, beauty, disaster, society falling and finally he stops in AD 802 701. Society is now simple adults with no real trail of thought or care for anything. Almost child-like creatures living in adults bodies. But there’s something very dark going on under the cover of the night. We won’t spoil it for you. It’s a wonderful SCI FI read.



A Clockwork Orange



Another wonderfully wacky book. This is going to be very hard to explain without reading or watching it. I mean, we’ve watched it and read it a dozen times and we still have many un-answered questions.  To sum it up in a nutshell, it’s a dystopian novel set in, what we think, is a future England. But the youths are very deranged and extremely violent. We watch Alex and his drogues on their horrific ventures. Until his capture and ‘rehabilitation’ using very extreme measures. It’s a mad one, but you will not be able to put it down. There’s also a delightful mix of colours, culture, music and an oddly chilling comedic tone.  This actually got banned from high schools after Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation was released.






Again another novel that has come to light since a certain president moved into The White House.


It’s set in a future Britain, now known as Airstrip One – the result of war and revolution. The main character, Winston, is unaware of what evils are going on behind closed doors. His meals are simple and plain. Everyone is watched by the ‘Thought Police’ that are everywhere in the form of spies, hidden microphones and cameras. He works in the Ministry rewriting records. But the more he sees about the past the more he wants to know. He also begins writing about his thoughts. Eventually he finds love with someone at work who also hates ‘The Party’. Eventually the two get into mixes with a revolution group called ‘The Brotherhood’ and are taught how to overthrow the party.


But, as normal, all is not as it seems. It’s an incredibly thought provoking read that changes all perceptions. You’ll feel very thankful to have privacy after reading this one.



Animal Farm



One of the most famous dystopian novels, certainly. Orwell has since said that the book mirrors events happening in the lead up to the 1917 Russian revolution, and the Soviet Union at the time of Joseph Stalin. It was also written in 1943 during the UK’s war war alliance with the Soviet Union.


Downtrodden animals on the farm overthrow their master and take over their farm. We read and watch as the animals plan for equality – but, the power hungry are still among them. A revolution gone wrong. And it’s fascinating.



Fahrenheit 451



Our worst fears are realised… books are banned. It’s an awfully bleak world. Television is their only source of mental stimulation. Guy – the main character is a fireman. But, unlike those we know today. He creates fires rather than put them out. It’s his job to destroy all traces of books.


Soon someone changes his perception of the world and he begins a collection books, until he’s of course caught and goes on the run. Can he escape the Man Hunt and see why books were banned and better yet, enjoy them?