2019 has been a year to remember for most of us! What happened? Well, we can’t really remember to be honest. It’s been a political blur, with average English weather but one thing we do remember, there were some brilliant books!





Sawson's Quest by Charles Gratwicke 



As he looked to speak to the coachman, those eyes alighted on Sawson and remained locked upon him whilst his mouth curled in a sinister smile. Sawson... caught the man's look. He stood as if transfixed and shivered... and then the coach was gone and so was Sawson's peace.' Edward Sawson had arrived in a small village in the Downs some twenty-five years earlier with nothing but the clothes in which he stood. A mysterious and reclusive figure, Sawson was always on the lookout but he nevertheless had made a happy and peaceful family life for himself. Until a chance encounter destroys it all and makes him confess the remarkable and shocking events of his life that have put them all into the grave danger they now find themselves in...



A Big Tub of Water by Tamara Oliver & Melody Milleker 



Take a journey with a young boy who is afraid of bath time until he discovers the magic that lies beneath the surface of the water. Meet the magical creatures that teach him not to be afraid of A Big Tub of Water. A beautifully illustrated story for small children - especially those who are afraid of water!



The Space Between by Rachel Moore 



‘What was the space between friendships and family? One drop of blood and all the rest, between right and wrong, the space between what was good and needed and what was pure evil.' Nick and Sam were brothers - blood brothers. When they performed the ceremony at eight years old, they sealed a bond between them that made them best friends and brothers, just as the universe intended. Growing up, Sam spent most of his time at Nick's house because of his ‘situation' at home... which was getting harder to bear, and to hide. He was like a shadow at home but a second son in Nick's household. At sixteen years old, events begin to collide into a terrifying climax, where the power of friendship is the only thing that can pull them through. The ultimate question is asked of them, "Just how far would you go to save someone you love?"



The Alligator Who Liked To Jump by Janet Popham 



Archie is an autistic alligator, who worries that being ‘different' from the other animals will make him stand out. Archie likes to jump and bounce but the other animals think he shouldn't do this, until the wise elephant tells them that they should listen to Archie. Archie finds it difficult to speak, but he manages to explain how he feels and makes the other animals understand him, so that they realise he isn't all that different, after all! A lovely story told in rhyme, for very young readers, different or not.



Ruthless by Kerry Barnes 



1964 - London Dolly Vincent is born to an East End gangster but is sent away for her own protection. Mad Mick is hell bent on his revenge and will stop at nothing to kill her. Estranged from her family, she becomes a successful barrister, but after defending a young Italian man she finds herself caught up in a secret held by a high court judge. Tortured and left for dead she flees London and heads to New York. Only the Vincents know where she is, but even they don't know the truth. 1990 Francesca is back to face her demons but this time she is not alone. One woman three names



So, that's 2019 done! We look forward to some exciting new books in 2020!