We recently released the wonderful The Adventures of an Old Camel by Jamal Assadi.



The Adventures of an Old Camel is a fun allegorical story, which tells the adventures of two animals: a camel and a donkey. The two animals live happily together in the wilderness after being offensively expelled by their owners who disregard the two animals' good record and old age. Dominated by self-pride, carelessness and egoism, the donkey leads the two animals, now in good health, into captivity.




Here’s some interesting facts about camels that we learnt!



- Baby camels are born without humps.



- Camels are social animals and usually travel with up to 30 others in the deserts



- Camels do not store water in their humps. The humps are actually reservoirs for fatty tissue. It helps them survive in hot climates.



- A camel can drink up to 135 litres in one sitting.



- Camels don't usually spit for fun. They use it as a defence mechanism if they feel threatened.




- Camels usually move up to around 25mph but have been known to run up to 40mph.






We hope you enjoyed these facts and the fantastic The Adventures of an Old Camel – if you haven’t read it yourself yet, grab yourself a copy here!