Created in 1995 by John Baur and Mark Summers, every year since the 19th of September, Yarr should talk like rrr pirate!


We just so happen to have a book that may boost your pirate spirits. A few months ago we released the wonderful, Man o' Fortune - Shine of Doubloon by Suzana Spahic Martinez.





As the 18th century begins, the New World becomes an ever more prosperous place, and trading routes are filled with merchant ships carrying precious cargo. Amidst this prosperity lurks an ever-present danger, PIRATES! Living above the law and hunted by the crown, they take whatever they want and kill anyone who stands in their way. Sailing under the black sail they hide in coves and bays, and call Nassau, 'the Pirate's Paradise', their home.




Skyler was just fifteen when she was sailing to England with her father, mother and younger sister. Attacked by pirates, she is separated from her family, sold to a cruel brothel madam and embroiled in a world she previously did not know existed. With a mysterious necklace, found on her father's ship before the attack, and a tale of buried treasure, should she choose the life of a lady of the night, the life of the dutiful wife, or the life of those that took everything from her.


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