This isn’t the blog post we had planned for today, but we woke up to the news that Stephen died this morning and we had to make sure we paid our own tribute to one of the greatest minds of the century.



Stephen was given the diagnosis of Motor Nuron Disease at 21 years old, only expecting to live for two years. And despite the odds he lived for another 50 years. In that half a century, he delved into quantum theory, black holes, cosmic inflation, quantum fluctuations and then, he wrote A Brief History of Time - 10 million copies sold. Hawking brought physics to households when he released his book. Authors can thank him for making that genre of book popular, including our very own writers who have written books that feature a scientific element. He inspired scientist or those interested in science to get their work out there with no fear!




Not only did Stephen Hawking immensely contribute to science he showed anyone living with an illness that it should never define you, and you can still achieve your dreams without being held back. The IQ of the world lowered significantly today. Thank you for everything, Stephen.



To the man who shaped modern cosmology. Rest in peace. You're in the stars now, where you belong.