You don’t need to be told that our environment is in big danger. There are protests worldwide for a reason. Even though most of us are not the main problem, it doesn’t mean that we all shouldn’t do our best to help. So, here are some simple changes you can make every day to say no to plastic!




- Bring Your Own Bag. It’s so easy. Keep one in your car and one in your bag and you’ll likely never be in a position when you need to use a plastic bag!


- Look for products with no or minimal packaging. Go for the loose fruit and veg rather than the packaged. Go to the counters and ask to use a paper bag for cheese, fish etc.


- Turn things off! Turn the lights off (it's 18% of the electric bill) heating and tap when you brush your teeth or wash up!  


- Obvious, but recycle! We won’t go into it. It’s so simple and effective. Do your bit.


- Cut up the plastic rings from packs of beer, you'd be surprised how dangerous they can be.


- Reuse! If you have a plastic bag for an emergency trip, keep it. Same for a straw, if you're given one without asking, keep it and reuse it. Empty out moisturisers, candle jars, food packaging and reuse if you can!


- Use reusable cups, mugs and straws! Not only does it save the environment and our oceans. But you often get money off your drink when you bring in your own cup!


- Cut out single-use plastics. Get yourself a razor you can replace the heads on that are plastic-free, switch to a diva cup. Even not using brands with applicators really helps. Wax food wraps, reusable cotton pads, get a bamboo toothbrush. The list goes on and on! Try and use more reusable products