Books do not just vary in genre, covers and message – they also vary in sizes and finishes! Particularly for kids’ books. The question is, does size matter?



The short answer is, yes and no. If you have square illustrations and you have a landscape book, perhaps a square size would be more suitable. But from a small square book to a large square book, it’s all down to personal taste.


We took to our social media to see what readers and writers think of book sizes. We asked a few questions regarding the finish of book and size; these are the answers we got!




Firstly, we asked Paperback or Hardback – see post here!


The results were:


Paperback – 10 prefer


Hardback – 1 prefer




We also asked if you prefer Smaller but Cheaper square books, or larger but more expensive square books – see post here


The results were:


Small and Square – 100% of votes


Larger and more expensive – 0%





For Glossy or Matte – see post here


The results were:


Matte – 8 people


Gloss – 0 people


Neutral – 7 people






Simple VS detailed covers – see post here


The results were:


Simple: 3


Detailed: 0


Unsure: 5





The general consensus is simple, clean covers with a matte, paperback finish. Size people do not seem to be too concerned about – it seems for kids books smaller sizes are more popular at the moment.