Laughter has been proven to make you feel better - endorphins and all. Sometimes you cannot beat a book that makes you laugh out loud. Something a lot of us need right now... here are some of our top picks! 



This is Going to Hurt: Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor by Adam Kay



The junior doctor turned comedy writer. Adam Kay took the world by surprise with his outrageously witty diary of his life as a junior doctor. You couldn’t make up this stuff, quite literally. It also touches on the deeper side of the lack of staff and funds of the NHS in this current climate. The book no-one knew they wanted, but certainly do. Fantastically funny, a must-read for any reader who enjoys a laugh.




Two Point Five Cheers for the Library by Outi Pickering



Mimosa MacAroon, Vladimir Logoff and Claire Twinsett; just a few of the hilariously contrived characters set the scene for this well thought out novel based on ‘office politics'. The career path of Outi Pickering and her experience as a librarian gives an excellent insight into multi-tiered management. Add to this a clever tongue-in-cheek observation of people and we have a very entertaining novel. The ability to turn a mundane event - such as pigeons on the window sill, ordering and delivery of stationery goods and requisites - will have you identifying these same issues at some point in your years of employment. A simple theme but expanded into an excellent comedy. The recipe? A touch of ‘Faulty Towers', a teaspoon of ‘The Office', and a bit of ‘Open All Hours'. Ah, bliss!



Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson



Singapore Sling? Check. Mescaline? Check. Outrageously witty and funny escapades? Double-check.


Forget everything you know about humous books because this one bites back. The hazy tale of two crazies (very loosely based on the authors own experiences, they say) and they route and experience of Las Vegas. There’s quite literally a scene in the book where the two inhale ether and walk around a strange Vegas circus/bar watching the world melt around them. Not one for your mum, but certainly worth a read. Hunter has a very specific style of writing that puts him in the category of legends. RIP, buddy.



Diary of a Mad Diva by Joan Rivers



The foul-mouthed fabulous diva wrote a book you say? This is her diary. Now, we all know how outrageous she is on stage and on tv, imagine what she wrote down in her own diary? Exactly what you would imagine. It's pure, unadulterated filth, and we bloody love it!


Every sentence made us laugh. Every. Darn. Sentence. Joan was not known for her political correctness - though she often made it clear that they're not her opinions, she always said there's nothing you can't joke about - Jesus she joked about wanting to die, her husband’s suicide her awful mother. Humour usually comes from a dark place and Joan uses it all to her advantage.



Ah, Feck It by Nicki Todd



Meet Jess. Married to Pete, mother to five-year-old Davina, rather partial to a glass of wine, not really much of a clue about what to do with herself now her daughter is at school. Making her way through modern life is no breeze for Jess, what with meddlesome in-laws, snobbish fellow parents, disapproving teachers and a husband who seems to have misplaced his sense of fun. This isn't really what she signed up for. When she finally starts to lose the baby weight and regain her long-lost self-confidence, Jess is definitely up for embracing the lighter side of life, be it getting lost in a Prague snowstorm or heading to a strip club with strangers. She just needs the world to go along with her spontaneity. Not much chance of that...



Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch by Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett



This is not your typical religious styled book. Imagine if you dipped the bible in hot sauce and crumbled up some Queen records for taste, that’s what Good Omens is. The late, great Terry Pratchett and fantastic Neil Gaiman’s love child, it was always going to be good, but who knew it would be so funny! Good and evil are out in full mass and they are pretty. We completely fell in love with the wonderful bromance and banter that the angel and demon had. Wonderfully written, we would recommend to anyone who wants a brilliant all-rounder!