In the spirit of Saint Patrick's Day, we thought we would celebrate our own Irish authors and books, and a blog post therefore seemed to be very appropriate!  






Brian and the Fairy Tree by Jack Brogan



Jack Brogan is an Irish writer who lives in a small town sixty kilometres from Dublin. He writes about Celtic Mythology and Irish Folklore.




Pat McLaughlin – The Boy Who Fell Upstairs



Pat was born in Ireland; through his life, he's moved around a lot, traveling as a teacher. He now lives back in Ireland in rural Donegal!




Helen C Burke – Billy’s Search for the Healing Well 



Helen was born in Drogheda Co Louth - she now resides in Kent, but her book keeps to her roots!  The entire book circles around tales of life in Ireland; of leprechauns, fairies, the mystical Rainbow Bird of Glendalough and the amazing Healing Well.




John Mulhall – Cerebral Evolution



John is Irish and also lives in Athy, Ireland!




John Doyle – (Multiple Books)



John Doyle was born in Ireland to an English mother and Irish father. John has based most of his published works on his home country of Ireland, focusing on independence, wars and truths!




Stephanie Kiddar – Forty Shades of Green



Stephanie Kiddar isn't Irish herself, but Jamaican. She's travelled the world and, on her way, visited Ireland; and it inspired her so much, she wrote an entire book about her experience!




Aaron Byrne – Path of Revenge



Aaron Byrne is born and bred in West Ireland.




If any of these books appeal to you, all  of the above are ready to purchase on Amazon, Waterstones, Barnes and Noble and our website.