We think that Robin Lamb's book is a great way to escape this dark, damp January and so did the RNLI! 



Brighten up a dull, dark winter’s evening with this brilliantly witty memoir from Robin Lamb.


It’s the story of a plan, hatched  in a sleepy little Greek taverna, to ‘live the dream’ by spending the summer on a boat in the Ionian Sea. Who said retirement needed to  be boring?


Whether you’re looking for  the inside track on Greek island culture, the trials and tribulations of sailing the Ionian, or a hilarious travelogue, you’ll get tremendous enjoyment from Sundowner.  And if you’ve ever considered  starting afresh in sunnier climes,  this will be enough to pique  your curiosity. 


This book is perfect for those that want to bring a little sunshine into their worlds!


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