Thug kitchen is back with their dirtiest, tastiest book yet!


The people behind Thug Kitchen are known for their amusing and, shall we say… whimsical language? They appear to be a humorous take on a normal cookbook, but they’re not, at all.
It’s serious business and cooking is no game to them!


They make it very clear from the start that healthy eating is of the utmost importance as well as making an extra effort to make their recipes cost efficient and plant based! Some vegan/healthy eating books can fall down the same bland hole – pretentious, expensive and let’s be honest… pretty boring. Vegans have been given a stereotype of rich hippies or fashionable size 0, L.A girls. But what about the regular kind? (Not that there’s anything wrong with being the above…) we’re talking about the normal vegans. The office workers with 3 dogs and an appetite for heavy metal, the muscle men who enjoy the odd rom-com and going to visit medical museums, the nerdy gamers who enjoy nothing more than delving into their latest PS4 game with a plate of rice cakes… the list goes on and on. No meat eater is the same, why should vegans be? Not everyone has the money or time to make exotic meals that cost more than a mortgage. This book is for everyone. Anyone can make what lies inside and they’ve made sure it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.


Thug Kitchen 101 starts with an introduction to their moto and way of living. They teach us how to make salsa and sides, soups, mains, drinks (alcoholic too, of course) and finally, desserts.


Usually what we like to do is pick one of each course to talk about or we will be writing for 40 pages. But, just before we jump into the pools of salsa and guac. Can we just talk about how awesome this book looks? With fantastic down and dusty photos of the USA’s finest. The layout is very inviting, the language makes it hilarious and… we’ve tried and tested the food - in thug kitchen’s own foul mouthed language – it’s f*cking amazing.

They start the car and cooker for a road trip around the West Coast and invite us in the open door with a cocktail upon arrival and a slap on the a**. Are you coming along for the ride too? It’s going to be a wild one.


Sweet Glazed Winter Veggies. (SALSAS, SIDES AND SMALL BITES) 


Simple but so tasty… apple juice to a baked dish? Who would have thought it?! They also recommend you chug the remaining wine when digging in… we love you, Thug Kitchen.


Chipotle Caesar Salad (SALADS) 


A delicious alternative to a Caesar salad with a dressing that could possibly be even better than the original – and, it pretty much consists of almonds, peppers, oil, lime, vinegar and garlic. Easy peasy!


Broccoli and Potato Soup (HOT BOX [SOUPS])


Once again, very simple. Yet utterly delicious! Also the chives are an excellent touch!




As they said at the start of the chapter, Carbz 4 Life.

We actually had to choose two dishes for the mains section. Forgive us, there was just too many scrumptious choices!


Sun Dried Tomato Carbonara

Smoky tomatoes, corn-starch, yeast or as they call it ‘nooch’ – which they do explain in their WTF section near the back, followed by pantry staples (they even explain where in the store you’ll be most likely to find it, e.g. near the pasta, by the beans. We’ve never seen that before and we loved that touch.)

The entire dish was making our mouth water just by reading how to put it together. Yommy!


Borracho Squash and Bean Burritos


We never could resist a good old fashioned Burrito. Lots of spice. They also add their loved Bragg’s and Maple Syrup… its hard to explain. It’s bloody fantastic though.


Malhotra Muddle (DRINKS)


A little like a classic margarita but with gin not tequila and ginger beer.
Amber Waves is similar but with maple rather than agave and bourbon not gin.  

FYI their Hot Chocolate looks utterly intoxicating – try it, before we use up all the local stores stock of cocoa powder.


Brown Sugar Blueberry Polenta Scones (DESSERTS) 


We’re English, of course we’re going to choose the scones. The cornmeal, blueberries and almond milk changes up the classic British recipe and certainly makes it healthier. It’s a win-win!


The remaining pages are filled with helpful tips and useful information, such as cutting techniques, when to use certain oils, how to’s and more delicious recipes, to name a few: soda bread, sauces, pesto and right at the end, an icon index, thank you and general index.

It finishes with… "m*ther f*cking fin".


We loved it. So unique, tasty, informative and hilarious. Perfect Christmas present for veggies! We highly recommend. 


A big thank you to Kirsteen from Little Brown Publishers for sending us a review copy.