January is the start of a new year, new beginnings and fresh new books! Here’s a selection of some books that will be sure to refresh your mind for the new year!



The Carnival Of Fireflies by Massimiliano Capponi



A wonderfully evocative tale of coming of age in Northern Italy. Set in the beautiful countryside of Liguria, the author Max Capponi describes in loving and often hair-raising detail his youth and childhood in this magical land.


I Wrote by Alice Bogen



 As someone who is open to the world around her and not afraid to question the meaning behind accepted truths, this work will undoubtedly give the reader a greater depth into their understanding of the mysteries of life, love and relationships.


Sticks and Stones Falling From the Sky  by Andrew Daniels 



Andrew Daniels' eclectic mix of poetry speaks of love, honour and truth, all portrayed through his intense and powerful imagery. All this is interspersed with pockets of humour and joyful celebrations along with some moving messages. There is a rainbow around the corner of every page.


Towards Understanding Yourself by Amjad Saleem Ramzan



We all act and behave according to our knowledge, learning and experiences. It is also important to understand our inner-self. Knowledge of senses, perceptions, self-awareness, how our conscience is formed, how we set our moral values, why faith in the 'self' and in our creator is important. All this can help us have a better understanding of life and learn the true purpose of our existence.


The Life Of Self by Soha Abouchi 




The Life of Self gives the reader the opportunity to understand the purpose of self and complete the expression of their capabilities. It will help the reader to reach into their uncertainties so they can let go, be refreshed and redefine who they are.


Day-to-Day Happiness by Beau Bridgland 



By asking questions of himself, Beau carefully analyses the problems, compartmentalises them and turns the negatives into positive thoughts. Outlining a number of easy-to-use, practical techniques that focus on new thinking and an awareness of language, he provides a handy guide which, if followed, can help readers to find and maintain a sense of self-fulfilment and happiness.


Have fun reading!