After the hustle and bustle of Christmas, the next hurdle to get over is the January Blues!

With this selection of quick reads, you can easily combat those miserable moments with short, captivating stories to snap you back to life.

Each book is less than 200 pages, meaning that even if you only have a spare 20 minutes, you'll be able to finish these books within a week and get a kick-start on your New Year's Reading goal!




 "It's been a while since I told ya a story. What, a couple of days? I think it's about time for me to tell ya about Clyde and         how he got here. Well, just sit down there and get comfy." 


 This novel features themes of supernatural justice, unforgivingly handed out to the bigots and haters of Old Clyde. Told like a bedtime story from   your grandfather, this short fable inspires, terrifies and makes you chuckle.







"He was running through the forest. Alone. But what was more strange, barefoot. Stones and branches pricked his feet, but he didn’t stop."


Six friends plan an idyllic Easter holiday in a remote Norwegian cottage - blissfully unaware of the horror that awaits them. Open the pages and explore themes of love, friendship, courage and religion in this nail-biting, thought-provoking thriller.








 Nobody knows when or how it started. What’s important is that it has spread like a plague over the whole country,   consuming everyone that stood in its way.


 A powerful view of beauty standards and pretty-privilege, with fantasy and thriller thrown into the mix. In this dark tale, where there is pain and   suffering, we follow the journey of an Ugly and their sickening experience with the Beautiful.







"Barely moving from the fire, he lay on one side transfixed by the flames, wondering and deliberating how he had been wronged and how he was now worthless in the eyes of the Myons."


The Last Myon is a story of fantasy adventure, revenge and an individual's total unwillingness to submit or to fail. One thing is for certain, The Last Myon will keep you hooked until the very end, bonding with characters and excitedly reading on with an obsession to find out what happens next, promoting an ethos to take away of never give up, never surrender.







 "Curious brown mark on the wall next to the en-suite bathroom door? I was sort of pleased to find one!                    Cigarette burn marks on the window and fag ends on the sill outside? Tradition always pleases me!                          Solitary strand of curly hair (possibly pubic) on the toilet seat? Nothing ever changes!"


 A casual break from one's daily routine is to take a coach tour which promises to leave one with the best memories. On this trip, he meets different people, mainly OAPs, and casually meets up with the other younger ‘tourists' on the coach. The best bit is the ending... but don't cheat;   no looking to see what the ending will be; read the book first!






"My attempts to volunteer to be at the end of the telephone haven’t met with success, and so, in desperation for some mental, if not social, activity, my mind turned to the time when I had been a helper."


At the age of forty-five, and with her children grown up, Hannah decided that the time had come to start a new life on her own, but with no formal qualifications, Hannah realised that her only real talents were ‘running a house, cooking, gardening and looking after people'. So she signed up with an agency providing temporary live-in help to those encountering difficult times. 







“I suppose you’re wondering why I contacted you?” he muttered in a low voice. Before he could continue, Ali began, “I’m more wondering how you were able to contact me than why at the moment.”


After having her private life snooped upon, Ali's so-called 'retirement' is thrust into the world of bombs, terrorists, and more than she bargained for! Lynne Pearson's fast-moving thriller is a tale of conspiracy and detection, which will keep readers captivated to the very last page.





Little Reads for Little Hands!



"Where the limestone was dug out, it formed lots of large, flat, bowl-like spaces in the ground where the water from rain and natural springs flooded into it to form lakes. As the water filled up, many little creatures came to live in these lakes"


A perfect little storybook for those interested in fish, waterbugs, and all things Nature. These are amusing and hopefully educational tales about aquatic creatures that you may find in and around a lake.







"My name is April. I hate my name. My birthday is April 1st and my oldest brother always calls me ‘The Fool' or ‘TF' when he thinks he is funny - which he isn't, ever."


The April Rebellion follows the life and drama of a ten-year-old girl trying to cope with her family, her best friend in the whole wide world, and the pressures of growing up as the youngest and only girl amongst three annoying brothers.






Happy Reading!