I see a path

Created by their errors:

Like the seafaring people on the ocean desert of oil

We have to take this path

To our liberation;

We have to choose it

As our stars

That will ferry us out of this beclouding visitation;

This road leads to the portal

Of our bliss!


I see millions of them crushed

As their rock of supremacy

Cleaved with our collective determination

To endorse our patent;

At the glowing of our glittering spear,

We toured the land and brought home the bacons,

Their symbol of brawn and brain

That has brought us indignation

Was taken in captivity!

(We beat our poor, deflated chests

In puerile fashion

Etched by long aeons

Of eddying jolts and drawn-out clashes!)



I see pestilence swarming through their land:

Grating sounds of shovels

Burying their majesty,

Ferocious burning coals darted to their combustible ethos;

I see men farming hope on the rubbles of flotsams and jetsam,

These relics adumbrate

Our collective grit to be ourselves;

I see walls crumbling

To our pride to be unique,

This is the glue that puts Asia on the map of the world:

The reason for their respect!


I see a new day

When our minds will be stretched

To never come back to its original dimensions

Conditioned by their wile;

I see a day

When hope shall mount on the horse’s back

Riding with a speed never known

In the history of national recovery!


I see, I see, I see! 


By Uzoechi Nwagbara


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