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Podcasts you should be listening to!

Podcasts are fantastic to listen to, think of them as the modern radio minus all the music. You can pop them on in the car, whilst you’re cooking or when you’re in the bath! Here are some of our favourites.






Samantha Ravndahl and Alyssa Anderson


The ultimate girl chat. What we love most about approachable, is every subject is likely something you can relate to or know someone who has/is going through the topic. Even better, despite Sam and Alyssa having opposing opinions, e.g. one is veggie one is not; there is no judgement, no heated discussion. It’s all an open safe space for an approachable chat – the name is perfect, it’s an approachable and often very funny, discussion about all aspects of life.



The Allusionist


Helen Zaltzman & guests


Helen Zaltzman, we salute you. Released every 2 weeks, this one is about words, why we love them and if not, how to fall in love with them. They look at the history of everything to do with words and language and make it very enjoyable.



Eat Sleep Work Repeat



Bruce Daisley


This one is a really interesting one. It mostly revolves around making work better and overall enjoyable. Bruce Daisley hosts and each episode eagle eyes on a business or individual and how they can better their job and workplace. Some of the topics can hit very hard, Gender equality, mental health and the NHS



2 Dope Queens



Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson.


Exactly as the name would suggest, these two ladies are wonderful. They feature comedians in the LGBT community, comedians of colour and ladies! Topics include the previous as well as more laid-back conversation. It's just brilliant. Such a good podcast to listen to if you want to add some richness to your day. It was so popular HBO picked it up for a 4 episode special.


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