Paul Clutterbuck was born in England shortly after the Second World War. Throughout his childhood, he suffered the dramatic effects of mercury poisoning from teething powders. Despite this, as a teenager, he played football for Portsmouth F. C. Juniors and England Schoolboys. This was also a time when family traumas dominated. His constant ill-health led to the removal of a lung. At age nineteen, he joined a global computer company.


Today he lives in Hampshire with his wife Angela and near their daughters, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.


Paul has been raising money for Operation Smile as one of their Smile Heros for the last 15 years. He's very kindly raising money for them with his new book too!


Here's a little about it! 


Making a Friend Smile is a collection of twenty stories from the author (Paul Clutterbuck) to his terminally-ill friend, Brendan. The plethora of amusing stories emerge from personal situations during the period from 1988 to current times and are set in five continents. The vast wealth of stories span life-threatening moments, sheltering from a riot, working out how not to bribe someone in Brazil and befriending a Gaucho in Argentina. Some are socially complex and some just highly embarrassing. All describe challenging and unusual circumstances and are written to bring a smile to anyone's face. Paul's experience in managing people and seeing the humour in tight spots also provides more than a morsel of knowledge to the readers.

Although written for a dying friend, Making a Friend Smile is a reminder to all that when times are tough, it is important to have a moment to smile and, yes, even laugh. It could make a difference.



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