-              Middle-earth



A huge spacious world of beautiful scenery, ancient buildings and best of all, mystical creatures, but not as we know them. Tolkien is known for creating the extensive world and the inhabitants that realm there. Would we visit? Maybe… but we would choose where we go very carefully as to avoid the awful orcs.



-              Harry Potter's Wizarding World 



If you asked anyone under the age of 25 where they could live if they could live anywhere, we could hazard a guess that they would say the Wizarding world of Harry Potter. It’s technically set in England as we know it. But there are elements that are fantasy (unfortunately, as much as we wish it was real). For example: Diagon Alley being in a street in London, obviously the magic itself. We just want to visit Hogwarts, see the school in all it’s beauty and have a lovely stroll around the grounds. We can go close by visiting Alnwick Castle, but it’s just not the same.


-              Neverland



We always loved Peter Pan. Not just for the story itself but the thought of visiting Neverland! Gorgeous rivers full of beautiful – but very jealous mermaids. Wonderful forests full of glowing bugs, fairies lighting up the skies, and you can fly! Just grab the nearest pixie to you and shake! Look out for the crocodile and the evil captain hook and you should be fine!  


-              Wonderland



Another fantasy place we are all too familiar with. The idea of sweets you can eat and grow to magnificent sizes or shrink to the size of an ant. Unfortunately, we would be slightly put off by the mad queen, the strange hatter (unless Johnny Depp was playing him again, then we wouldn’t say no to a tea party) and a general vibe of nastiness. Most animals and people Alice meets are awfully rude and talk in riddles. We could see this getting very annoying very quickly.


-              Oompa-Loompa Land



We didn’t see so much of this, which is what makes it all the better! It’s one of our favourites to imagine, but there’s no way we would go there. This is mostly because of the Snozwangers that walked along the grounds, forcing the Oompa Loompa’s to live above, in the trees. Their diet was also not appealing. Though, we are partial to chocolate. We would certainly jump at a chance to go inside the chocolate factor, no- we wouldn’t buy 300 bars, but… yeah it would be nice.


-              Whoville



The home of Horton and The Grinch! Everything is big and bold! They all celebrate Christmas to the max and just generally enjoy life. There is a lot of colour… so, headaches may be common there. But who wouldn’t want to live in a land where things are so simple! Where the food is laced with sugar and caramel, where you get piles of presents every Christmas and where you can have dinner with a furry green man! Yes, we would buy a ticket to visit, why not!


-              The Land of Oz



We’ll likely stick to the yellow brick road if we ever go to Oz. But there are certain pluses, for example -  the emerald city. Not only is it beautiful from the looks of it, but we can bet there would be some great shopping that could be done there. There’s some beautiful fields – just be sure to wear a gas mask when you’re walking through them. We’re not too sure about the Munchkin land, but there are some very scenic views, sure! And that’s why it’s one of our favourites.


-              Narnia



One of the first mystical lands we remember as a child. It’s very cold when we first see it – but this is mostly due to the ice queen. As much as it is a beautiful place with a giant castle, lakes, forests and so on, we only really want to go so we can talk to animals… and pet the animals and play with the animals. If you couldn’t tell, we love animals.