This week the highly anticipated sequel to Ruthless is arriving in bookshops. So to celebrate Ruby’s Palace, we’ve made a list of a few of our own favourite Thriller and Crime novels!




The Silence of the Lambs



A classic book, turned into an equally classic film. The dreaded Hannibal Lector at his finest.






Our very own thriller and a best seller too! For a debut novel it took the UK by storm.



Murder on the Orient Express



No one does a classic thriller and mystery like Agatha, so many of her books could have made this list but it was only fair that we narrow it down to one. This is our favourite!



The Da Vinci Code



One to get you thinking certainly. Scattered clues around the world, one being on a very famous painting, have a guess which one?



The Shining



The thrilling (no pun intended) tale of one man’s decent into insanity and what follows. Not only a famous book and thriller but a loved horror film starring the wonderful crazy Jack Nicholson.



Gone Girl



A slightly more modern thriller. A missing wife and a very suspicious husband!


So, what did you think to our list! All a matter of opinion as always!