It’s election day today! That means all of us have got voting on our minds. And, if you haven’t you should…


In spirit of the general election today and that we could quite possibly have a new prime minister in the morning (which we won’t by the looks of it) we thought it best to do a blog post dedicated to our very own political books!


Without further ado, here are our very own political books!




Illusion Of Good Government by Roy Finchett



The relationship between a government and its people is determined by its policies, whether they succeed or fail. Public opinion is fickle. Once elected, the nation's guardian and financial housekeeper charts a course of its own making, allowing for few, if any, changes to a political ideology it claims to embrace. Acknowledging policy failure is always for the future and not the present. Consequently, creating the impression of good government is vital. Rampant "spin" is deployed to smooth over inefficiencies and to mask failure. True accountability, together with genuine transparency, has been cloaked. Faith in government and the political establishment has eroded. Removing antiquity from within government is long overdue!


Zero Tolerance by Keith Salmon



After dealing with immigration abuses, international money laundering, European state bankruptcy and corrupt solicitors, Keith Salmon turns his attention to Islamic extremism in the UK in this fast and furiously-paced politically-incorrect thriller. In Zero Tolerance we see Adeola Adindu, a student from Lagos, Nigeria. He is met at London Heathrow airport by Bob Murray of Murray & Jones, solicitors in Asylum and Immigration law, who shows Adeola how to falsely claim asylum and thereby starts him on a path of conversion into a Muslim extremist working for Al Qaeda. James Argyle, the newly elected Prime Minister, complains that there are only 2.6 million Muslims in a population of 63 million people living in the UK. He declares zero tolerance on their anti-British activities and attitudes. An attack is launched on the Israeli Embassy in London by an Arab hit squad; the Israeli Ambassador and his wife are killed in the assault. But under interrogation using a long-lost torture device, it turns out that all is not what it seems. The country is in an uproar; Muslim-backed atrocities are rife. Can James Argyle regain control of the UK?


The Religion Of Self-Enlightenment by Emily Scialom



Carrick Ares grows up without any particular beliefs in anything. He is boring, and proudly so. Yet when he suddenly dies in a car accident, he experiences what he feels to be the afterlife. It then causes him to go through a huge existential crisis. The only person with whom he speaks about it is a psychiatrist, Paul Turnstone. They together explore the theories Carrick has about life. Carrick goes mad and thinks that he finds the truth of existence. Struggling to dress himself, hinders not his adamance that he knows the answers to the biggest questions of life. He produces a book, The Religion of Self-Enlightenment, which becomes the expression of his theories. It discusses exactly how to heal the crises which are now plaguing individuals and the wider world.


I Challenge! By James Parmelee


Doctor of TESOL James Aaron Parmelee is a native of the United States of America and a highly regarded educator in the field of teaching English as a foreign or second language. Being further a curious, gifted and profound thinker concerning the origin and behaviour of both the cosmos and ourselves, Parmelee feels that the pure-thought essays presented herein need to be read by all who care - not just about the future of mankind, but also of Planet Earth itself. A layman challenging common teachings... Where did we come from, and what is our destiny? What happened before the "Big Bang"? Is there a God? What is the real history of mankind on earth? Does the Theory of Evolution fully explain how mankind developed on earth? Can we explore the universe just by thought travel? Do sights and sounds really disappear, or is there a visual and audio record somewhere of everything that has ever happened? Is there life after death? Is there a hell? What is the soul? Where is it located? And what is its function? What are the actual defining types (not just classifications) of energy? Why do scientists not dwell more on causality, and on subjects such as ESP and out of body experiences? What is the difference between just loving someone and being ‘in love' with them? What causes so much violence in our world, and how can world peace actually be achieved? These questions and many more are addressed in I Challenge! Pure Thought Essays on the way things really are (or might be).


A Question of Taste by Keith Salmon 



The UK Government faces a dilemma. BSE and CJD have resulted in every European Union member state banning each other's produce. It comes up with the brilliant idea of Millennium Meat which is a slurry of bugs, slugs and insects which it moulds and flavours into substitute meat products. So successful is the project's appeal to the EU that the UK uses it as a means of balancing the nation's pension deficit and thereby avoiding projected state bankruptcy in 2075. How it does this is a closely-guarded secret until someone leaks it to the Times newspaper where Gavin Henderson runs a series of front-page articles. He has to be stopped – permanently. It looks like the Government will achieve its objectives but, at the eleventh hour, some Freemasons step into the situation and resolve it in common decency and good taste. The book takes us into the inner workings of a number of central government departments, the press, food research and development companies and, lastly, some of the most closely-guarded aspects of freemasonry.


Empire of Slave by Kossai Abo Kwidir



Love and passion, politics and power; all come into play in this compelling novel with a powerful and emotive message. "I am Magi...and Magi has no price!" Magi is an extraordinary woman with everything going for her; fame, success, beauty, a wonderful son and friends - and a heart full of hatred! As a political writer and analyst and one of the pillars of Islamophobia in the US, she is keenly sought after for interviews and lectures. She believes she is happy until an unforeseen, tragic event changes her life and her opinions forever... However, Magi soon discovers that there are consequences for every action. Is she strong enough to deal with the uncertainty, turmoil, danger and worse...?



What are your favourite political books? We want to know!