Where has this year gone? It feels like we just had Christmas, blinked and suddenly it’s Easter!


Now that the snow and freezing weather has hopefully escaped us, it’s time for a bright new Easter reading list. The kids are going to love these.







Billy's Search for the Healing Well by Helen C Burke



When young Billy wakes up feeling seasick on a ship in the middle of the sea, he is at a loss to know what has happened. Slowly the memory comes back into his mind, of him running away from his gran's house to travel to Ireland in search of the mysterious Healing Well. Billy, staying with his grandmother while his mum is ill in hospital, has listened to her tales of life in Ireland; of leprechauns, fairies, the mystical Rainbow Bird of Glendalough and the amazing Healing Well. Maybe the waters from the well can heal his mum? Taking only his gran's prize cream pot, Billy sets out to find the well, not realising the adventures he is to face along the way.




Woody's Park by Suzan S. Moule



Welcome to Woody's Park! Come along and meet Oakley the Oak Tree who is the oldest and wisest tree that lives in Woody's Park with all his friends. There's Conker the Horse Chestnut tree, Beechy the Beech tree, Ash the Ash tree and Holly the Holly bush. Suzy Squirrel dashes past sometimes as do Rudy and Robin Redbreast. There's always fun in Woody's Park. Enjoy the little adventures they all have together and of course everyone always looks forward to Woody's visits to the park...




Mulonga -- The Lost Elephant by Sian Moulder



When her mother is confronted by poachers, Mulonga manages to escape, but finds herself lost and alone in the african bush. She wonders how she will ever survive by herself. Will she ever find her herd and be part of a family again? Join Mulonga on her journey as she makes friends and tries to find her way back to her family.




Fred 'n' Friends: A Steam Train Adventure by Angela O'Donnell



Fred, the loveable sausage dog, has returned for another thrilling adventure. This time he embarks on a steam train adventure to whistle blowing delight! Can he help Wilson the guinea pig free Jasper - who's stuck in a tea cup? Can Wayne the Great Dane and Fred reach the nest in time to save the squirrels?




Family Time by Karen Durrant




Family Time is an endearing collection of stories detailing the fun and laughter children have on a day-to-day basis. The cheerful rhyming tales cover the topics of brother-sister relationships and the bond which siblings share, the strength of the love parents feel for their children, and the happy memories that a family holiday can create.




Mr Breeze and His Friends Spring Time by Atour Michael



The main character is Mr Breeze and as his name indicates, embodies the breeze. He is so friendly, kind and helpful. Though he is strong and powerful in nature, we sometimes find him puzzled or clueless over a matter. At such times a friend, an animal or bird etcetera, offers him an idea or advice; just to teach the reader that no matter how strong or wise someone is they still need others.




Waggy Tales by Lynda Thrift



Amble is a big, loveable, though sometimes troublesome, Golden Labrador. When Amble was kicked out of Guide Dog School and separated from his no-doubt disappointed family, he felt so scared. Luckily, he found a new home at the Big-House-On-The-Hill with Mrs Poser, his owner, who is his favourite thing! His other favourite things include sleeping, travelling in the car, the pond, and of course... FOOD! Why don't you join him on his exciting adventures with his friends Badger, Magic, Wafter and Teaser? That really would be his favourite thing!





Now there’s some books to delve into for Easter! If you fancy some books to get your in the Spring fever, check here!