This week’s edition of our Olympia Extracts is one of our fantastic childrens books!  Mr Breeze And His Friends Spring Time is one of those reads you’ll find difficult to put down and children will love! We hope you enjoy the following extract!



Chapter One 



One day, Mr. Breeze was walking and gliding in the Amis Valley; it was a lovely spring morning, with beautiful colours covering the whole grassy area. Suddenly, he stopped when he saw a little butterfly emerging out of its cocoon. She stood on a branch, waiting for her wings to dry so that she could fly.



“ Hello, dear,” the young Mr. Breeze said.

Without really paying attention to him, Butterfly answered. “Hi.”

She doesn’t look happy, Mr. Breeze thought, so he asked her, “What’s wrong, dear? Are you okay?”

Turning her head towards him, she replied, “Don’t you see? Look down there; look at that ugly thing on the ground.”



Mr. Breeze looked down, and there he found a little black beetle, so young, with a smile on her face.

“Hello there,” said Mr. Breeze. “You have a nice smile, do you know that? It makes you shine like a rare black pearl.”

“Thank you!” came the sweet and shy voice of Beetle.



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