This week’s edition to our Olympia Extracts is the wonderful book of poetry, I wrote, written by Alice Bogen.


Alice wrote this book of poetry when she was only 16 and lives in Hamburg, Germany.





My sun, oh look at me!

My too small hands turn into fists.

My sun, oh take another glance;

When did I manage to ruin this?

This building full of empty windows;

A long forgotten face.

My sun, oh look at me!

Into sick rage’s turning my grace.

This street, so full of grey, dead trees;

No meaning in these eyes.

My sun, oh take another glance

As I look at these shaking skies.


Growing up


Oh Youth!

You shall not pass;

I love this burn of life.

Oh Life!

Don’t put me through this test,

For down this road I drive.

Oh Children!

Don’t stop playing there;

Enjoy the careless wave

That takes you wherever, no matter where.

I’m standing here in awe.

Oh Death!

You came too close to me

For I don’t want to go.

Oh World!

There is so much to see,

So much I need to show. 


The ages


The ages, they impressed me.

How am I supposed to know

Where life starts and youth ends

And when the hour slows?

Tell me, when will I wake up

From this too long dream?

Is death the only way?

Or when will I be able to leave?