This week’s edition to our Olympia Extracts is the wonderful book of poetry, Sticks and Stones Falling from the Sky by Andrew Daniels 


Let’s Burn Rubber Baby!


When I think of a woman, I think of you. When you think of a man, do you think of me too?

If you were my woman, I would be your car.

Your love drives me crazier than a hotrod and faster than a shooting star.

The gears in my heart shift when you step on my brake. The wheels of my heart spin when you start my engine.

You fill my flat tires with love. My heart runs on your kindness.

When I break down, your love and kindness build me back up.

Your love is the key to the engine of my heart throbbing with secrets no other key could unlock and a motor no other love could start.

My heart races as your love accelerates to me so sweet from the sour start.

My heart cheers as your love speeds through the finish line of my throbbing heart.

When someone else finished the race to your heart, lemons rained from the sky.

Lemons fell as I dreamt about you day and night.

Red lights and stop signs could not stop my love from reaching you.

Speed limits and speed bumps could not slow my love speeding to you.

I print the letters of my license plates with the name of love. Step behind the wheel of my heavy-duty heart and get ready for the ride of your life.

As you light my engine on fire and shift my gear into groovy, let’s make that fire spin, let’s burn rubber baby!




Leaves are changing.

Leaves are falling.

Leaves are abandoning the awakening autumn tree.

Leaves are partly green as red and yellow are slowly seen. Leaves are falling to the calling of a blossoming deity whose name is Autumn.

Her elegant silk dress elegantly flows the color of faded limes, flowing the aroma of rose petals and rose vines.

Her hair, long as time and black as night. Falling autumn leaves color her crown with morning sunshine.

Autumn's leaves. Autumn's trees. Autumn's breeze. These are her followers and protectors, her loyal servants and loving children.

I see reflections of autumn in her eyes.

I feel alive through her seasonal touch.

I hear her mellow voice sway through autumn branches in an autumn breeze.

Her eyes green as grass, two emeralds sparkling the beauty of a blossoming goddess.

Her laughter is music causing autumn to dance and sing.

Her crown of golden light sparkles a rainbow of diamonds.

The autumn tree is her throne sitting between summer and winter.

She blows her love west to melt winter frost off autumn leaves.

She blossoms her beauty south to seduce summer with autumn trees.

Autumn raises the sun at dawn and raises the moon at dusk. Autumn harvests peaches and pears at dawn, harvesting golden wheat at dusk.

The sun and moon bow before Autumn, kissing her hand. Autumn is here as autumn trees appear.

She is the season of shedding the life we once grew and beginning anew.